Trump Lost Popular Vote

John Dean Calls Political Ignorance ‘the Greatest Threat to Our Democracy’

"Political ignorance in the USA is the greatest threat to our democracy -- 50 years of personal observation indicates it…

5 years ago

Trump Claims He Would Have Done Even Better ‘if the Winner Was Based on Popular Vote’

He can claim he would have campaigned differently if there were no electoral college but then so would have Hillary…

5 years ago

Trump Won With One of the Lowest Percentages of the Popular Vote in History

Trump has 46.5 percent of the popular vote and dropping. Bill Clinton received only 43 percent in '92 but unlike…

5 years ago

Republicans Outrageously Claim Trump Losing the Popular Vote is a Mandate

In losing the popular vote, Paul Ryan said Trump pulled off "the most incredible political feat I have seen in…

5 years ago

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