Trump meltdown

Trump Is Having A Total Meltdown As DOJ Closes In

Donald Trump is on his failing social media platform demanding reinstatement as president, attacking the FBI, posting anti-Biden memes and…

5 months ago

Trump Has A Complete Meltdown And Admits Sedition

Trump responded to the 1/6 Committee hearing by admitting and trying to justify his attempt to overthrow the government.

7 months ago

Trump Melts Down Over Potential Debate Rule Changes

Trump claimed that he would not allow the rules to be changed for the debates, and falsely claimed that he's…

2 years ago

Bill Clinton Triggers A Screaming Trump Twitter Meltdown With The Truth

Trump is watching the Democratic convention and melting down after he was called out by Bill Clinton for the US…

2 years ago

Trump Melts Down During Saturday Coronavirus Briefing And Begs For The Economy To Reopen

Trump had a meltdown at the Saturday coronavirus briefing, and in between attacking the media and governors, pleaded for the…

3 years ago

Trump’s Picture Attack On Nancy Pelosi Totally Backfires

Trump responded by trying to frame Nancy Pelosi as the one having the meltdown, but it totally backfired and added…

3 years ago

Trump’s Weekend Meltdown Worsens As He Bitterly Relives The 2016 Election

Trump's Twitter account tweeted out a video of people saying that he couldn't win the 2016 election, which suggests that…

5 years ago

Trump Has A Saturday Afternoon Meltdown And Falsely Claims Mueller Probe Is Rigged By Democrats

In Saturday afternoon implosion, Donald Trump ranted on Twitter that the Russia probe is rigged against him and is being…

5 years ago

Behind The Scenes Trump Is Enraged And Falling Apart Over Bad Charlottesville Press

Trump is described by White House officials as enraged at the press for not giving him positive coverage after the…

5 years ago