Trump Aides Say The President Is Losing His Mind

Trump calls Jews disloyal

Trump's aides are openly worrying that he is increasingly unstable, shifting from moment to moment, and losing his mind.

Brian Stelter Shows The Media What Courage Looks Like By Asking If Trump Has A Mental Illness

CNN's Brian Stelter asked the questions about Trump's mental fitness and competency that the mainstream press and especially the cable news networks have mostly avoided like the plague. Stelter asked if Trump has a mental illness? Importantly, he also asked what do we do if the President is unfit.

Members of Congress Are Talking About Removing Trump From Office Due To A Mental Disorder

On the heels of Republicans like Sen. Bob Corker questioning Trump's stability, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) has introduced a resolution calling for Trump to be removed from office due to a mental disorder.

Lawsuit May Force Trump To Disclose If He Has Had Treatment For Psychological Problems

As part of a lawsuit filed by protesters against Trump for inciting violence during the 2016 campaign, the plaintiffs want Trump to turn over documentation related to any psychological treatment that he has undergone. read more