Donald Trump is About to Go Through Hell As Democrats Probe His Finances

Donald Trump’s biographer thinks our current president is about to go through hell.

Writing in Bloomberg,Tim O’Brien has predicted that the coming months will be excruciatingly painful for Trump, as House Democrats conduct a thorough probe of his personal finances. read more

Democrats To Begin ‘Vast Probe’ Into Trump & Putin Possible Criminal Ties

Democrats in the House will soon launch a “vast” and comprehensive series of investigations into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

And, according to a new report, the focus of the investigations will be on Trump’s criminal relationship with Vladimir Putin, and the alleged money laundering and other crimes that they committed together. read more

Here’s What Michael Cohen Will Testify About in Congress on Feb. 7

Donald Trump’s former attorney/fixer Michael Cohen will testify before Congress on Feb. 7. But what exactly will he talk about?

Surely we’ll find out about Trump’s hush-money payments, but what else? He can’t discuss things that the Mueller probe is still looking into, so what exactly will he be able to tell congressional investigators? read more

House Will Begin Money Laundering Inquiry Into Trump

A top Democrat said on Friday that the House Intelligence Committee will soon open an in-depth investigation into the finances of President Donald Trump. This committee probe will involve a detailed look into the long history of alleged criminal money laundering activities which may have provided a substantial part of the president’s fortune and real estate empire. read more

Here Are Details of Adam Schiff’s Plan to Destroy Donald Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff has some big plans next year when he takes the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee from Devin Nunes. And those plans involve destroying the presidency of Donald Trump.

Schiff is one of a number of House members who will rise to power when Democrats take control of the House in January.  Through a series of targeted hearings and investigations he plans to bring down Donald Trump and neutralize his presidency.  And this will be accomplished without requiring impeachment either. read more

Group Calls For Investigation Of Giuliani, Trump Money-Laundering

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston is now reporting that an international human rights organization has requested that prosecutors in The Netherlands open a criminal investigation into several multi-billion dollar money laundering schemes that were facilitated by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and a law firm where he used to work. read more

Adam Schiff Is Going To Investigate Trump Money Laundering For Putin

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) wants to investigate the allegation that Trump laundered money for Russia if Democrats win control of the House.

Adam Schiff Says Trump May Have Been Laundering Money For Russia

Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, brought up the possibility that Trump may be compromised because he was laundering money for Russia,

Former White House Ethics Lawyer Says Trump’s Treasonous Money Laundering Game Is Up

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter said that it is over for Trump as his and family's money laundering game is up.

Trump Investigated For Money Laundering As Special Counsel Looks At Russia Financial Ties

Both the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller are looking at the financial transactions between the Trump family, Trump associates, and Russians for potential money laundering.