Thousands of Kids Still Separated From Families as Deadline Looms

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar said Thursday that several thousand children who were separated from their parents at the U.S. border remain in federal custody.

Last week a federal judge issued an order to the Trump Administration saying they had just two weeks to reunite the separated families. With that deadline looming HHS is now reportedly doing DNA tests as they attempt to verify family relationships between the children and the adults claiming to be their parents or other relatives. read more

Deadline Looms But U.S. Won’t Say How Many Separated Children It Is Holding

With the deadline fast approaching to reunite separated children with their parents, the federal government won’t say how many separated children they still have in custody, according to a new report from TIME Magazine. read more

Migrant Families Often Must Pay Thousands To Be Reunited With Children

The New York Times has reported that immigrants into the United States who want to be reunited with separated family members often must pay high fees and exorbitant travel costs, as well as overcome bureaucratic hurdles in order to be reunited. read more

This Is What Trump Is Doing to Innocent Migrant Parents And Children

Watch the traumatic reunion of a mother and seven-year-old boy who were separated for more than a month, because Trump and the Republicans thought it was going to make Democrats pay for his wall.