George Conway Bashes ‘Stupid’ Trump in Post-Mueller Tweetstorm

The husband of one of Donald Trump’s top advisers, George Conway, is blasting the President of the United States on Twitter again — and for good cause.

Today Conway’s comments deal with the president’s sudden reversal of sanctions on North Korea just one day after his administration made public statements about implementing them. While other members of the GOP kept silent, Conway spoke up. read more

Trump Bows Down To North Korea While Begging Kim Jong-un On Nuke Deal

Donald Trump says only wealthy people are great

Republicans who spent years accusing Obama of bowing down to America's enemies are watching Donald Trump bow down to a North Korean regime that has threatened to attack the United States.

Trump Demands That The American People Be More Like North Korea

During his interview with Fox and Friends, Trump said he wants the American people to respond to him the way that starved and oppressed N. Koreans respond to Kim Jong-un.

After Bogus Tough Talk Of Destroying N. Korea, Trump Meekly Announces New Sanctions

Trump waited until after a pool spray with the Afghanistan president to tell reporters that instead of destroying North Korea, he is going to add new sanctions.

Trump Tries To Distract From His Racist Woes By Taking Credit For Not Starting World War III

President Trump tried an obvious at distraction by attempting to take credit for North Korea not attacking the US.

Watch A Cracking Up Trump Break Down And Repeat The Same Answer Over And Over On N. Korea

Trump was asked repeated questions by reporters about North Korea, but all the mentally unstable sounding president could reply with was, "I think you know the answer to that."

President Obama Still Doesn’t Trust Trump To Not Blow Up The World

Trump war Iran

During the White House daily briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked if President Obama had confidence in Trump handling the nuclear codes and keeping America safe. He answered that Obama has confidence in the intelligence community, military, and State Department, but never mentioned Trump.