Joe Biden Is Soundly Beating Trump In His Own Poll

Trump's own internal polling shows former vice president Joe Biden beating him across the country, and is fueling his 2020 panic.

Signs Grow That Voters Want To Rid The Country Of Trump

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll found that 59% of voters would have reservations or are very uncomfortable with the idea of reelecting Trump.

Horrible News For Trump As Just 12% Say They Have Greatly Benefited From His Economy

The economy won't be able to rescue Trump and the GOP as the vast majority of Americans aren't feeling great benefit from Trump's economy.

Mueller Stands Strong As Trump Attacks Backfire

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is in line with other recent polling that shows Trump‘s attacks on Mueller are backfiring.

The Washington Post reported:

63 percent of Americans support Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, with 52 percent saying they support it strongly; 29 percent oppose the probe. read more

Democrats Have A Golden Opportunity As Trump’s Support Collapses With Republican Women

Trump's support with Republican women is twenty points lower than it is with Republican men, which provides Democrats with a great opportunity to pick up even more support among Republican and Independent women in the midterm election.

Voters Reject Psycho President As Number Who Believe Trump Is Mentally Fit Falls To New Low

A new Quinnipiac University Poll found that the number of Americans who think that Trump is mentally fit to be president has fallen to a new low of 40%.

It’s Not Your Imagination: One Chart Shows Trump Is The Least Popular President In History

One chart from the ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows that Donald Trump is the most unpopular first-term president in the seven-decade history of presidential polling.

Republicans Flee The Trump Dumpster Fire As President’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

The new Gallup presidential approval rating daily tracker reveals that Republicans are running away from Donald Trump.

The American People Eviscerate Trump With Brutal Personal Criticism In New Poll

Americans don't just politically disagree with Trump. They are in a state of open contempt of his personality and behavior.

America Rejects Trump Like A Bad Organ Transplant As His Approval Sinks To 32%

Trump's approval has hit a new record low of 32% according to a new AP poll, which means that this president is worse than unpopular. He is being soundly rejected.

Trump In Free Fall As Only 15% Of Americans Say They Agree With Him On All Issues

A new Pew Research poll found that Trump may be the most out of touch president in history as only 15% of Americans said that they agreed with him on all of the issues.

A New Poll Of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania Voters Just Terrified Trump

A new NBC News/Marist poll of the three states that gave Trump the presidency by 78,000 votes (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania) shows Trump's approval rating falling like a rock, and if this keeps up, he will be a one term president.

Republicans Rapidly Flee Trump As His GOP Support Has Dropped 12 Points Since June

The signs are growing that Trump's base is shrinking. The new Marist Poll finds that Republican support for Trump has dropped 12 points and strong Republican support for the President has dipped 14 points.

Trump’s Approval Numbers Fall To The Worst In History After Bungled Charlottesville Response

According to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen to among the worst in the history polling after his bungled response to the racist domestic terror attack in Charlottesville. read more

Trump Proclaims Every Poll To Be A Fake News Suppression As His Mental Health Crisis Worsens

Trump proclaimed that every poll that shows him to be historically unpopular is a "fake news suppression poll," that is not documenting the achievements of his administration.

Trump Crashes and Burns As 59% of Americans Consider His First 200 Days In Office A Failure

A new CNN poll has found that Trump's crash and burn as president is not getting past the American people, as 59% of respondents graded Trump's first 200 days as a failure.

Fox News Poll Humiliates Trump As His Supporters Are Fleeing Over Healthcare

A new Fox News poll has Trump losing support among Republicans (-3), white men (-9), and working class whites (-11), which means that Trump's small base of support is continuing to shrink.

Failing Trump Sets The Record For Lowest Approval Rating In The First 6 Months Of A Presidency

Things are so bad for Donald Trump that he has set the record for having the lowest approval rating of any president during their first six months in office in US history.

Trump Rocked By New Poll Showing People Don’t Believe Him On Paris Climate Deal

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll found that voters oppose Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Accord by a 2 to 1 margin, but the bigger problem for the White House is that people don't believe his reasons for leaving the deal.

American People Tell Trump To Shut The Hell Up As Poll Finds He’s His Own Worst Spokesperson

According to a new Monmouth University poll, the American people believe that Donald Trump is his own worst spokesperson, and the President does more to hurt his own cause than anyone else. In other words, America would like Trump to shut the hell up.