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Kamala Harris Triggers A Wednesday Trump Racist Self-Destruction

Trump went on a racist tirade on Twitter where he overtly attempted to terrify suburban white women into voting for…

1 month ago

Jared Kushner Refuses To Call Trump’s Obama Birtherism Racist

Jared Kushner refused to say that Trump is a racist, and wouldn't answer when asked if he thought birtherism was…

1 year ago

Sarah Sanders Laughably Claims That Trump’s Attacks On Black People Have Nothing To Do With Race

Sarah Sanders claimed that Trump's attacks on African-Americans have nothing to do with race, even though the president consistently compares…

2 years ago

Lindsey Graham Accidentally Blows The Lid Off Of Trump’s Potential Mental Illness

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was trying to defend Trump from racism allegations by describing a president who isn't racist but…

3 years ago

Watch Cory Booker’s Incredible Emotional Statement Unloading On Trump’s Bigotry And Racism

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) was asked by reporters if Trump was racist. His emotional response should inspire those who believe…

3 years ago

Trump’s Mind Appears To Be Going As He Can’t Remember The Term Dreamers While Talking To Reporters

Trump told reporters that he is the least racist person while blaming Democrats for his own opposition to a deal…

3 years ago

CNN’s Don Lemon Goes Off And Starts His Show By Calling Trump Racist

Don Lemon of CNN splashed cold water on the faces of those few Americans who remain in denial and opened…

3 years ago

Trump Is Going To Try To Prove He Is Not A Racist By Talking To An African-American

The White House's big solution to Trump's racism is to have him talk to African-American Republican Sen. Tim Scott of…

3 years ago

Trump Comes Unglued During Rally And Goes Full White Power Racist In Phoenix

Trump tried to hide by repeating his prepared remarks about love from the previous night, but eventually, the truth came…

3 years ago

Trump Just Went Full Blown Racist By Launching Into Passionate Defense Of Confederate Statues

Donald Trump defended Confederate statues and monuments on Thursday morning, as this president made it clear exactly where he stands…

3 years ago

Democratic Congressman Kicks Off Town Hall By Calling Trump A Racist

Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jefferies (D-NY) began his town hall in Brooklyn by comparing Donald Trump to Jim Crow. Democrats are…

3 years ago

Trump Campaign Admits That Their Outreach To African-American Voters Is Racist

Donald Trump's presidential campaign admitted that the Republican nominee's recent appeals for African-American voters were really all about making Trump…

4 years ago

Trump Goes Full Racist And Admits He’s Looking At Firing All Non-White TSA Agents

Donald Trump admitted during an event in New Hampshire that he is looking at firing all non-white TSA agents.

4 years ago

Trump Makes Things Even Worse By Claiming He’s Not Racist Because He Hires Mexicans

Donald Trump opened his mouth and made things a hundred times worse by issuing a statement claiming that he is…

4 years ago

Trump Throws Racist Tantrum Calling Hispanic Protesters Thugs And Criminals

Donald Trump has responded to the protesters in California, many of whom were Hispanic, by calling them thugs and criminals.

4 years ago

Donald Trump Self Destructs And Retweets Support From White Nationalist

Donald Trump is making his racist platform obvious to one and all by retweeting a supportive tweet from a white…

5 years ago

Donald Trump Melts Down And Vows To Be More Racist Than Obama If He’s Elected President

Donald Trump blamed Obama for Islamic terrorism during an interview on CBS's Face The Nation where he vowed to solve…

5 years ago

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