Unhinged Trump Rally Proves He is ‘The Mob President’

At a campaign rally in Iowa Tuesday night President Donald Trump became the leader of an angry mob. Stoking up the fury of the crowd, the president blamed California Senator Dianne Feinstein for the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. As he did so, his unhinged audience began chanting ‘lock her up,” referring to the senior senator from California. read more

Desperate Trump Says Democrats Are ‘Too Dangerous’ to Govern’

In a desperate plea for help in the upcoming midterm elections President Donald Trump late Saturday used some of his most inflammatory and excessive rhetoric to date. He said that Democrats have become “too extreme and too dangerous to govern.” read more

Morning Joe’s Mika Says Trump Is ‘Completely Unhinged and Getting Worse’

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski had some harsh words for President Donald Trump on Friday after his latest rally Thursday night in Pennsylvania.

According to Brzezinski and many observers Trump’s latest performance offered more evidence than ever that the president’s mental health is declining, with ominous consequences for the country. read more

Networks Ignore Trump Florida Rally As He Brags About The Number of Cameras Present

Every network but Fox News refused to cover his Florida rally, but Trump is so detached from reality that he thinks that the TV networks can't get enough of him.

The Press Cuts Off Trump As Consensus Grows To Stop Covering His Rallies

The press has had enough and they are saying no more to the coverage of Donald Trump's rallies, as a consensus is growing that the President's ramblings in front of his followers aren't newsworthy.

Trump Supporter Shouts John McCain Needs To Die Now Outside Of Phoenix Rally

The same people who continue to support Donald Trump after he supported white supremacists and Nazis are also the kind of people who are calling for the death of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) outside of Trump's rally in Phoenix.

Opinion: Calls For Liberal Genocide and Deporting Jews Are Part of the Trump Effect

The Democratic Party is the socialist party because they are anti-Americans, they're not pro-Americans. They're liars and misleaders, and we need to wipe them out.

The Resistance Is Winning As Trump Whines About Senate Democrats Refusing To Work With Him

President Trump complained that Senate Democrats aren't working with him during his rally in Florida. One of the reasons why Senate Democrats are rejecting Trump is because millions of Americans are urging them to resist this president.

Donald Trump Tells Supporters At Florida Rally That Election Day Is November 28th

Donald trump

Yes, the Republican nominee even needs to be fact checked when it comes to accurately telling his supporters when Election Day is.

Democrats Applaud As Trump Wastes Time In Washington, Another State Not In Play

Donald Trump Washington rally

It's as if Trump, in deciding which states to travel to, blindfolds himself and throws a dart at a map of the United States.