A Group Of Treasonous House Republicans Just Moved To Help Trump Sabotage The Mueller Probe

A group of far-right Trump supporting House Republicans has introduced a treasonous resolution demanding a second special counsel to investigate the Russia investigation.

Trump Defies His Lawyers And Digs His Own Grave By Attacking James Comey And Russia Investigation

Donald Trump is now claiming that James Comey is the real liar and that he never asked Comey to fire Mike Flynn.

Trump Hides Behind The Flag As Putin’s Shadow Leaves His Presidency In Perpetual Darkness

Trump hugs American flag

Trump made the reason for his fight with the NFL clear on Sunday. The President is attempting to hide behind the flag to dodge the growing darkness of the Russia scandal.

Trump Terror Grows As Federal Investigation Into The Russia Scandal Expands

The federal investigation into the Russia scandal has expanded to include Michael Flynn's son, as instead of getting smaller the investigation is snaring more people in Trump's orbit.

Rachel Maddow Nails Trump By Laying Out The Scope Of The Russia Cover-Up

Rachel Maddow laid out the size and scope of how many Trump administration or campaign officials have lied about connections with Russia.

Trump Holds Secret White House Meeting With New Putin’s New Man In The US

According to the Russians, Trump held a White House meeting with Russia's new ambassador to the US. The meeting was kept off of the President's schedule and was not made publicly known.

An Unhinged Trump Touts Fake Fox News Story And Claims Russia Was Against Him In 2016

Here's more evidence that Donald Trump is nothing more than a low information Fox News viewer. Trump used a Fox and Friends story as proof that Russia was really against him during the 2016 election.

Trump Is Now Trying To Get The Acting FBI Director Fired As The President Is Cornered On Russia

Trump followed up kicking transgender people out of the military by calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Trump In Panic Mode Because Investigators Are Trying To Flip Paul Manafort

The reason why Trump was freaking out on Twitter on Saturday is that US investigators are trying to flip Paul Manafort and get him to tell them everything he knows about Trump and Russia.

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Democrats Storm The House Floor And Drop A Truth Bomb On Trump’s Russia Criminal Conspiracy

The Trump Russia scandal has spread to Congress as Democratic Reps. Ted Lieu (California) and Ruben Gallego (Arizona) read Donald Trump Jr.'s emails on the House floor and made a case for why the emails are a Trump/Russia criminal conspiracy smoking gun.

Trump Just Gave The One Answer That Could Get Him Impeached For The Russia Scandal

Trump claims that he didn’t know anything about the meeting where his son tried to collude with a representative of the Russian government. If evidence surfaces that Trump did know, the President will be linked to collusion with a hostile foreign government and could be impeached. read more

The White House Puts Trump Into Hiding As He Is Consumed By Rage Over The Russia Scandal

Trump is reported to be consumed by rage over the fact that his son Donald Jr. has been caught up in the Russia scandal, while the White House has kept the President hidden from any domestic public appearances as they fear what might happen if they let him out in public.

Trump Betrays America By Announcing Meeting With Putin On The 4th Of July

In an effort to bury the Russia story, Trump announced on the 4th of July that he would be meeting with Putin on Friday.

Trump Collusion Smoking Gun: Russian Hackers Discussed How To Get Clinton Emails To Flynn

It is being reported that Russian hackers were caught discussing how to get hacked Clinton emails to Mike Flynn of the Trump campaign, which would be proof that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. read more

Trump Blames Obama For Russia Election Interference With Self-incriminating Tweet

In a statement on social media, Trump incriminated himself on Russia by strongly denied that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election but blaming Obama for Russian meddling that the President says never happened.

Adam Schiff Drops A Bomb And Confirms There Is Evidence That Trump Colluded With Russia

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) confirmed during an interview on ABC's This Week that there is evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and that the President obstructed justice.

Trump’s Own White House Abandons Him As No On From His Administration Goes On Sunday Shows

If you want to know how damaging James Comey's testimony was to the White House, consider that not a single member of the Trump administration appeared on the Sunday shows to defend the President.

Trump’s Lawyer Tries To Obstruct Russia Investigation By Declining To Participate

Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, has announced that he will not be participating in the congressional investigation of the Russia scandal, which means that the Trump team is pulling out all of the stops to deny investigators the information that they are looking for.

The Russia Scandal Gets Even Worse For Trump As Investigators Demand Docs From His Lawyer

The Russia scandal is getting very personal for Trump as Congressional investigators are demanding that his lawyer Michael Cohen turn over documents related to the Russia investigation.