House Democrats Have Identified 85 Trump Scandals to Investigate

Everyone knows that when Democrats take control of the House in January they will have a massive backlog of Trump scandals to investigate.

But until now nobody had come up with the exact number of scandals that are out there waiting to be investigated. read more

Pence Thinks God Wants Him to Be President After Trump Scandals

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio told CNN on Tuesday that Vice President Mike Pence believes he is on a mission from God — to become president. Also, since God wants him to be president, he believes that President Trump’s many scandals will be his ticket to the Oval Office. read more

FBI May Open Criminal Probe Into Scott Pruitt’s Actions

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt currently faces 12 federal inquiries from the EPA’s Inspector General, Government Accountability Office, and House Oversight committee. A criminal investigation into his actions may be coming next. read more

Trump Campaign CEO Steve Bannon Registered to Vote at Vacant Home in Florida

We have an Islamophobic candidate whose campaign CEO has a Muslim landlord, and actual evidence of voter fraud - from the guy running Trump's campaign