Russia Mocks Trump for Collapse of North Korea Summit

Trump and Kim Jong Un

The Russian state-run television network mocked President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un because of the sudden collapse of the talks between the two leaders this week.

“It ended so badly the sides even avoided signing any joint agreement,” one host said, according to a translation reported by CNN. “Crafty Kim Jong Un was ready for some concessions, but not the ones Trump reportedly wanted.” read more

Trump Goes On Unhinged Typo Filled Tantrum As N. Korea Summit Crashes And Burns

Trump threw a fit as his empty North Korea summit is turning out not to be the hit that he thought it would be.

Clueless Trump Brags About Not Paying Ransom To Get US Hostages Back From N. Korea

Trump bragged that he didn't have to pay ransom to get US hostages that should have never been taken back from N. Korea, but the policy of the US government is to never pay ransom for hostages.