Democrats Must Resist Recession Narrative and Critique Narrative of Trump’s Economic Success

This week’s stock market antics and the occurrence of an inverted yield curve have provided compelling evidence portending another economic recession.

These economic indicators, in addition to spurring stock sell-offs and turbulent market volatility, also sparked a firestorm of debate and commentary regarding how a potential recession would impact Trump’s 2020 re-election bid. read more

Trump Is Planning A Tax Increase Of $2,000 On American Families

If Trump goes through with his plan to increase tariffs on all Chinese exports, it would be a $2,000 tax increase on the average American family.

Trump’s Economic and Environmental Policy: In the short term, we’re all dead

British economist John Maynard Keynes famously wrote in 1923, in a tract on monetary policy, “In the long run, we’re all dead.”

Economists have debated the significance of this wry theoretical phrase. Some have critiqued him, along with other economists who sought to moderate the austerity policies of governments during times of intense economic retraction, as not caring about the future or future generations. They accuse Keynes of being willing for short term benefit to enact policies that would damage the economy in the longer term, leaving ruinously burdensome debt, for example, that would debilitate the future economy for following generations. One critic even went so far as to suggest that because Keynes was gay and didn’t have children, he simply didn’t care about the future and could afford to adopt a recklessly short-termist approach to the economy. read more

Trump’s Trade War Disaster Grows As 400,000 Workers To Lose Jobs

A trade group is warning that Trump's trade war with China is going to cost 400,000 US manufacturing workers their jobs.

A Peek Behind the Numbers Shows Trump’s Economy Inflicts Pain on Most Americans

Can we call an economy “successful,” if people living within it are being harmed, not served?

Loyalty to Trump May Cost the GOP Senate Control in 2020

The battle for control of the U.S. Senate in 2020 may be decided in the cornfields of Iowa.

Incumbent Republican Senator Joni Ernst is a rising star in the GOP and her seat is supposed to be safe. But nothing is safe for Republicans now, after Donald Trump’s trade war. Trump’s tariffs have caused massive financial problems for Iowa farmers who have depended on exports to China to stay solvent. read more

Under Trump, U.S. Trade Deficits Roar to Record Highs

Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed master negotiator, is not doing much to help the United States in trade negotiations with other countries.

Under his leadership, the trade deficit in goods with China set a new record during his second year in office. This came despite his efforts to stop what he has claimed are Beijing’s trade  agreement violations. read more

Farmers Still Support Trump and the GOP Even As They Lose Money

Donald Trump’s tariffs have severely hit the bottom line of American farmers, yet many of them still support him.

Farmers have been hurt in many ways by Trump, including lower prices for soybean and other crops they sell, and higher prices for metal grain bins and other equipment they buy. read more

Trump Just Cost You Your Job and Raised Prices By Escalating Trade War With China

Trump's job-killing price waging trade war with China escalated further with the White House announcing $200 billion in new tariffs on China.

Trump’s Trade War Backfires With Record China Trade Deficit

In August, China’s trade surplus with the United States grew to a new record which is sure to “add fuel to the trade war fire.”

Customs data released over the weekend showed that the U.S. trade deficit with China was a record $31.05 billion in August, an increase from $28.09 billion in July, and exceeding the previous record which was set in June of this year. read more

Koch Group Attacks Trump and Republicans in Congress

Senior officials and donors from the groups affiliated with billionaire conservative businessman Charles Koch expressed great displeasure with President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in the U.S. Congress at the group’s biannual seminar in Colorado Springs this weekend. read more

Deranged Trump Tweets He Loves & Respects Farmers; Tells Critics to “Be Cool”

In a series of three tweets on Wednesday morning President Donald Trump set forth his opinions on his trade negotiations (they are going great) and on people who are criticizing him (they are weak).

He also wrote: “China is targeting our farmers, who they know I love & respect.” read more

Trump Announces $200 Billion of New Tariffs; China Says It Will Retaliate

United States trade officials on Tuesday published a new list of thousands of products imported from China that will be hit with new tariffs. The Trump administration wants impose an additional 10% import tax on hundreds of Chinese food products as well as tobacco, chemicals, coal, steel and aluminum. read more

To Fire Up His Base, Trump Declares War on Corporate America

To win election, Donald Trump positioned himself as a Washington outsider, as a candidate who would never take corporate money, and as a new type of political leader who would “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.. read more

WSJ Tells Republicans Good Luck Running on Trump’s Tariffs in November

On Sunday we reported thatTrump’s trade war is hitting the agricultural Midwest hard as farmers in eight of the top ten soybean producing states that voted for Trump are going to be looking at bankruptcy as they are already being hurt by Trump’s trade war with China.” read more

Fortune Mag: U.S. Corporations “Should Be Terrified” by Trump

According to a recent article in Fortune Magazine President Donald Trump is getting everything wrong with his trade policies. And they quoted a Nobel Prize-winning economist who summarized the risk to the American economy by saying:  “Right now, corporate America should be terrified.” read more

EU Official Says Trump Is ‘Undermining’ World Order

A top official from the European Union said on Friday that U.S. President Donald Trump is “undermining” world order. As the official pointed out, the international order at risk was created primarily by the United States, and it is the U.S. that has been responsible for protecting and maintaining it since the end of the second world war. read more

Trump Goes To War With Top Allies Before G7 Meeting

In his continuing efforts to destroy the reputation and standing of the United States in the world, President Donald Trump on Thursday lashed out at the leaders of our key allies, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada. read more