Unpaid Taxes and Penalties Could Force Trump to Liquidate His Fortune

A recent New York Times story about Trump family tax fraud has opened tax probes in several states and may lead to Trump owing hundreds of millions of dollars. Although it is unlikely the president or anyone in his family will be charged with crimes, it is very possible that they may owe so much money that Trump family assets may have to be liquidated to pay their debts. If this happens the president, his siblings, and his children could all be in serious financial trouble. read more

Civil Tax Penalties Could Bankrupt Trump and His Family

The bombshell investigative report about Trump family tax fraud published yesterday by the New York Times could bankrupt President Donald Trump and his family.

Even though the statutes of limitations may have expired for criminal tax fraud (because the events took place so long ago) that would not be the case for the imposition of civil tax penalties. Which would mean Trump and his family may be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not far-fetched to think that this could possibly wipe out his entire net worth and bankrupt him. read more