Trump Is On Borrowed Time As He Only Gets A 1 Week Delay On Tax Returns Hearing

Trump tried to sue New York to block prosecutors from getting his tax returns, but he only got a one week delay.

Trump Is Closer To Indictment After DA Subpoenas 8 Years Of His Tax Returns

The Manhattan DA has subpoenaed eight years of Donald Trump's tax returns as part of a criminal investigation into hush-money payments before the 2016 election.

IRS Memo Defies Trump And Says His Tax Returns Must Be Turned Over

A confidential IRS memo says that Trump's tax returns must be turned over unless he claims executive privilege over them.

Mnuchin’s Defense Of Hiding Trump’s Tax Returns Collapses At Hearing

Steve Mnuchin Trump tax returns

Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) exposed Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's defense of hiding Trump's tax returns as bogus during a Senate hearing.

Trump Flees Reporters And Takes No Questions After Tax Return Bombshell

Trump left for a campaign rally, but instead of talking to reporters, the president took no questions about his tax documents.

Trump Goes Into Hiding After His Tax Returns Come Out

Trump turned a cabinet meeting into a closed press event and blocked reporters from covering it after a bombshell report on his tax returns.

New York Senate To Pass Bill Allowing Congress To See Trump’s Tax Returns

The New York State Senate is going to pass a bill that would allow Congress to see Donald Trump's state tax returns as part of their investigations.

Democrats Prepare To Sue After Treasury Refuses To Turn Over Trump’s Tax Returns

House Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) said that he is talking to counsel after the White House refused to turn over Trump's tax returns.

A 1924 Law Allows Democrats To Directly Sue To Get Trump’s Tax Returns

A 1924 law allows House Democrats to bypass the subpoena process and directly sue the Treasury Department for Trump's tax returns.

Fox News Freaks Out Over States Requiring Trump To Release His Tax Returns

Fox News is claiming that requiring Trump to release his tax returns or not be on the ballot is interfering with voting rights, which it is not.

Steve Mnuchin Tries to Dodge The Law To Hide Trump’s Tax Returns

Mnuchin is trying to pull a Trump sleight of hand with the word "shall" that is clear as day on a statute of the tax code that has never been interpreted otherwise. He is also suggesting somehow that the intent of the people asking him to uphold the law somehow mitigates the law.

Mnuchin May Go To Jail If He Refuses to Turn Over Trump’s Taxes

O'Donnell and Summers

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has found himself in the hot seat, and if he doesn’t handle things properly he may also find himself in jail.

Last week House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) sent a letter to the IRS requesting six years of Trump’s personal and business returns. He asked the IRS to provide the documents by Wednesday. And today, Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig will be on Capitol Hill testifying before Congress. read more

Democrats Believe Trump’s Business Tax Returns Will Show Conflicts of Interest

Reports from Capitol Hill this morning indicate that House Democrats will be aggressively seeking Donald Trump’s business tax returns along with his personal returns.

Democratic lawmakers expect these business returns to uncover what they believe are the president’s extensive conflicts of interest, including possible dealings with Russia. read more

How ‘We the People’ Will Soon Be Able To See Trump’s Tax Returns

Donald Trump’s family fortune was built on illegal tax evasion schemes. He inherited over $400 million from his father, and since then he has increased his net worth in part by cheating on his taxes, just like his father did. read more

House Democrats Have Identified 85 Trump Scandals to Investigate

Everyone knows that when Democrats take control of the House in January they will have a massive backlog of Trump scandals to investigate.

But until now nobody had come up with the exact number of scandals that are out there waiting to be investigated. read more

Here’s What House Democrats Will Investigate After They Take Over

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

Democrats on virtually every committee in the House of Representatives are ready to take control now that they find themselves in the majority after the midterms.

After nearly a decade in the minority and two years with no power to pursue oversight of the Trump administration, Democrats have prepared themselves to be the ones in charge. read more

If House Flips, Powerful Democrat Will Demand Trump Tax Returns

Another Democratic leader of the House of Representatives is anxiously awaiting his chance to become chairman of a powerful House committee. Of course for that to happen Democrats must take control of the House after November’s elections. But if it does, Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts will become chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, and as a result will be in a position to demand to see a copy of all of President Donald Trump’s tax returns. read more

Rep. Eric Swalwell Vows Americans Will See Trump’s Tax Returns If Democrats Win The House

On ABC's This Week, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) promised a full investigation into Trump including getting his tax returns if Democrats win back the House.

Powerful House Republican Admits They Are Engaged In A Cover-Up For Trump

Powerful House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) was asked by the press if Republicans have any interest in getting Trump's tax returns, and he answered no.