Trumps Could Owe New York State $400 Million in Taxes & Penalties

A leading business publication in New York City has reported that President Donald Trump and his siblings could owe New York state more than $400 million.

Crain’s New York came up with that figure, which includes unpaid taxes, interest and penalties, after the blockbuster New York Times report about the Trump family’s finances. The report said that Donald Trump’s parents left the president and his siblings more than $1 billion worth of real estate and cash, most of which was not taxed. read more

Debate Moderators Should Press Trump On Why the IRS Says He’s Lying

"It may be inconvenient for Trump to release his tax returns. But the IRS has confirmed that nothing prevents any of us from releasing our tax returns any time we want."

Hillary Clinton Has Found The One Line Of Attack That Will Destroy Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton has found the one line of attack that will resonate with voters and destroy Donald Trump.

Trump Is Falling Apart As He Flip-Flops And Promises To Cut Taxes On The Rich

Donald Trump flip-flopped on his flip-flopped and has now assumed his third position on taxes in 24 hours. The pressure isn't even on Trump yet, and he is already falling apart.