Cohen Explains How Trump Got Him to Lie to Congress

Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about Donald Trump’s business dealings in Russia — and he will tell lawmakers how the president directed him to break the law.

The former Trump Organization attorney will testify Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, and Cohen said in a prepared statement that the president told him to to lie during previous testimony before congressional investigators, but he did it in an indirect way, knowing it was a criminal act. read more

Defiant BuzzFeed Stands by Report About Trump Suborning Perjury

BuzzFeed News said Friday night that it is standing by its reporting concerning Donald Trump ordering Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. Their comments were made on Twitter after an unusual statement was issued by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office disputing BuzzFeed’s report from Thursday night which set forth the allegations involving the president and Cohen, his former lawyer.  read more

‘He’s Done’ — Mueller Has ‘Smoking Gun’ Proving Trump Suborned Perjury

A BuzzFeed News report published late Thursday night found that President Donald Trump has been implicated in federal crimes by directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. According to the report, Trump directed Cohen to lie about the 2016 Trump Tower Moscow negotiations, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence to prove it. read more

Mueller Has ‘Bribery Experts’ to Expose Trump-Putin Bribes

Bob Mueller’s Russia investigation may be ending soon, but it is also closing in on President Donald Trump. There continues to be new information revealed from special counsel Mueller, and none of it is good news for Trump. read more

Here’s What Michael Cohen Will Testify About in Congress on Feb. 7

Donald Trump’s former attorney/fixer Michael Cohen will testify before Congress on Feb. 7. But what exactly will he talk about?

Surely we’ll find out about Trump’s hush-money payments, but what else? He can’t discuss things that the Mueller probe is still looking into, so what exactly will he be able to tell congressional investigators? read more

Putin Throws Trump Under the Bus After Cohen Rats Him Out

Donald Trump’s buddy Vladimir Putin is not helping him out very much these days. Over the weekend the Russian president pointed out that Trump canceled their G-20 meeting due to his worsening “domestic” scandals. Trump had claimed that he cancelled the meeting because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is clearly not true. read more