Trump Tower

Why an unbuilt Moscow Trump tower caught Mueller’s attention

Trump Tower Moscow shows Trump was chasing a lucrative business deal in Russia at the same time that President Vladimir…

4 years ago

Mystery Man George Nader May Be the One to Put Don Jr. In Jail

It's easy to get a headache trying to understand all of the complexities surrounding the story of Russian collusion with…

5 years ago

Man Who Died In Trump Tower Fire Did Not Need to Die

Todd Brassner, who died in a fire at Trump Tower on Saturday, didn't need to die, and two things could…

5 years ago

No, Trump’s Bogus Obama-Wiretap Claim Was Not Just ‘Vindicated’ By Paul Manafort News

To put it simply to my Trump-supporting friends: You shouldn't be cheering this news. You should be shaking in your…

6 years ago

Trump Is Already Profiting From His Re-Election Bid Three Years Before 2020 Campaign

It's never too early to start profiting from the next campaign, apparently.

6 years ago

Top Republican Leading Russia Investigation Must Step Aside After Defending Trump’s Lies

Both Democrats and Republicans are now calling on Devin Nunes to step aside from the Trump-Russia investigation.

6 years ago

Even Fox News Abandons Wiretapping Lie, Fires Analyst That Pushed Trump’s Claim

Fox News appears to have given up on the bogus wiretapping allegation – leaving Trump with nobody left to cite.

6 years ago

Trump Announces Meeting With the People Who Will Run Government for the Next 8 Years

"Great meetings will take place today at Trump Tower concerning the formation of the people who will run our government…

6 years ago

Trump’s Big Endorsement From Black Leaders Now a Way-Stop on the Road to Georgia Rally

Trump is trying to quietly slip by today's meeting without mentioning the endorsement that never was. A Georgia rally is…

7 years ago