Princeton Historians: Democrats Must Impeach Trump to ‘Heal the Nation’

Two experts from Princeton University published an article this morning in USA Today saying that Democrats must immediately take action to impeach Donald Trump. If they don’t, they wrote, the president may do irreparable harm to our democracy. read more

House Democrats Are Trying to Save the Country From Trump’s Treason

Democrats are now casting themselves as the party of national security since Donald Trump cannot be trusted and is probably committing treason.

By cozying up to Vladimir Putin, and attacking U.S. intelligence agencies, Donald Trump has proven that he cannot be trusted. He clearly cares about his personal business interests more than he cares about the security of the country he is sworn to protect. He has even attacked key U.S. allies. read more

CIA Expert: Allies Fear Trump Shares Classified Secrets With Putin

Longtime CIA agent Steven Hall is very unhappy that President Donald Trump is continuing to attack United States intelligence agencies. In an opinion piece in this morning’s Washington Post, Hall said that never before in U.S. history has a president been so openly and aggressively hostile to his own intelligence community. read more

Proof of Collusion: Trump Campaign Had 100 Contacts With Russians

During Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and transition period, he and his associates had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, and lied about and tried to cover up every one of them.

This bombshell information comes from a new report from the Moscow Project and Center for American Progress. read more

Meacham: Trump’s Actions May Be ‘Definition of Treason’

Presidential historian Jon Meacham said Tuesday that actions taken by Donald Trump may represent the “definition of treason.”  This would be the case if Trump was aware of Russia‘s efforts to interfere and help him win the 2016 election. read more

Trump Hits Back After Being Accused of Giving Away U.S. Secrets

President Donald Trump is hitting back after being criticized for knowingly using an unsecured cell phone even after he has been warned by aides that Chinese and Russian hackers are listening in.

The president is clearly upset about a New York Times article about his improper use of an unsecured iPhone to call people outside of the White House. He said the Times article is  “so incorrect I do not have time here to correct it.” read more

Rachel Maddow Lays Out The Devastating Case For Trump Being A Treasonous Traitor

Rachel Maddow ran through all of the connections and strange behaviors surrounding Trump and Russia and called on America to take the blinders off because Trump is working for Russia as president against the United States.

Adam Schiff Exposes The Treasonous Undertones Beneath Trump’s Meeting With Putin

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) highlighted the fact that Trump will be meeting with the ringleader of the attack on the United States during the 2016 presidential election.

It Was Mitch McConnell Who Stopped Obama From Blocking Trump’s Treason

As Trump tried to blame Obama for his potential crimes against his own country, it is important to remember that it was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who stopped any bipartisan action before the election against the Russian attack.

Trump Treason Confirmed As Putin Is Advising Him On Security Issues

Trump thinks that Putin is his friend, and has turned to him for advice on security issues, which means that Trump is treasonously allowing an enemy of the United States to run national security.

Former White House Ethics Lawyer Says Trump’s Treasonous Money Laundering Game Is Up

Former Bush ethics lawyer Richard Painter said that it is over for Trump as his and family's money laundering game is up.

Democratic Congressman Accuses Trump Of Treason As Constitutional Crisis Explodes

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) bluntly stated that Trump had caused a constitutional crisis and his possible ties to Russia and the Russian election interference was an act of treason.

Democratic Senator Drops A Truth Bomb: Gorsuch Should Be Blocked Because Of Trump Treason

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) hit Republicans between the eyes with the truth during an interview with NBC's Chuck Todd. Merkley said that the Gorsuch nomination should not be considered because Trump and his team are under investigation for potentially committing treason by colluding with Russia during the election.

Calls Grow For Trump Campaign To Be Prosecuted For Treason If They Conspired With Russia

Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager, called for members of the Trump campaign to be prosecuted for treason if they conspired with Russia to help Trump win the election.

Opinion: GOP Operative Calls On Media To Expose Trump Treason

The days of pretending that what is happening under Trump isn’t “serious” are over; it is time for a concerted media push-back.

Trump’s Deep Financial Ties To Russia Inform His Allegiance To Putin

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”