Debate makes Clear: Public Education, the Public Good itself, Hang in the Balance in 2020

When asked about his approach to education in last Thursday’s Democratic primary debate, Pete Buttigieg’s response boiled down the difference between his approach and Donald Trump’s to its most  basic element.  “Step one,” he said, would be to “appoint a secretary of education who actually believes in public education.” read more

Chase CEO Dimon Illuminates Capitalism’s Sickness While Trying to Critique Socialism

To perhaps an unprecedented degree in the United States, we are witnessing an increasingly serious debate playing out about the relative merits of capitalism and socialism.

GOP Congressman Says Trumpcare Failed Because It Wasn’t As Good As Trump Steaks

"President Donald Trump did the best he could, but it’s not the same as when Donald Trump in the private sector was trying to market and sell first-class products."

Florida Attorney General Who Took Illegal Trump Cash Gets White House Job

President-elect Trump has rewarded Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi with a White House because she took his illegal campaign contribution and dropped an investigation into Trump University.

This Is Not Normal: POTUS-Elect Trump Spends $25 Million To Dodge Fraud Trial

While the news that Trump settled the Trump University fraud cases is great for the thousands of people he defrauded, the fact that the next President Of The United States had to spend millions to avoid a fraud trial speaks volumes about his lack of ethics.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign is Completely Imploding

Donald Trump

From his temper tantrums to his inexcusable racism, the past week has been devastating for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s Involvement In 3,500 Lawsuits Is Unprecedented For A Presidential Candidate, Analysis Finds

Donald Trump lawsuits

The most widely covered suit is the case surrounding the spray-tanned billionaire's fraudulent Trump University, where the GOP candidate knowingly scammed people.

Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Just Released A Devastating Web Ad About Trump University

Trump University Clinton campaign

The Clinton campaign is not letting up on exposing Trump as the fraud that he is.