WS Journal Warns GOP: Don’t Use National Emergency For Wall Funding

The editors of The Wall Street Journal issued a warning to Republicans on Friday, saying they will regret it if Donald Trump declares a national emergency to get funding for a border wall.

The conservative newspaper’s editors expressed serious concerns that if Trump uses an emergency declaration for wall funding then Democrats could do the same thing in the future “whenever it is politically expedient.” They expressed their fear that such a decision by the president would probably open the door to future misuse of national emergency declarations. They mentioned that Democrats may want to use the measure on issues such as gun violence and climate change. read more

Senator Merkley Says Trump White House Violated the Consitution

Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon is one of Donald Trump’s fiercest critics. In an interview that aired Monday on The Hill TV, Merkley expressed his belief that Trump and the White House counsel’s office have acted in violation of the separation of powers of the U.S. Constitution. read more