Opinion: Republicans Unleash Vigilante Justice, Destroy Rule of Law

We are at a dangerous moment in America. Republicans have effectively sanctioned violent vigilante justice.

1 week ago

“It’s Very Scary to Me”: Election Expert David Shor on 2022 and the Future for Democrats

Democratic elections expert David Shor has a stark warning: if Democrats think they're sitting pretty, they're deluding themselves.

2 months ago

WATCH: Watergate Investigator Says Trump’s Brand is Toxic and That May Doom Trump Organization

Donald Trump is really, really hoping that he will get to be the president again one day. For a number…

5 months ago

A Jewish Graveyard in Grand Rapids, Michigan Was Defaced With Trump Spray Paint

Donald Trump has always said that he is a great friend to people of Jewish faith. How could he be…

12 months ago

Joe Biden’s Lead Solidifies As Things Get Even Worse For Trump

Trump's disastrous months have resulted in voters voting early and making their decision as Joe Biden's lead is solidifying.

1 year ago

Trump Blows A Gasket And Attacks Dr. Fauci In The Middle Of A Pandemic

Trump is attacking and trying to discredit the nation's top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in the middle of…

1 year ago

Barr Tells Trump His October Surprise Won’t Be Ready By Election Day

Trump counted on the Durham investigation to save his reelection campaign, but Barr said it wouldn't be ready by election…

1 year ago

Drugged Up Trump Flip-Flops For A 3rd Time On Pandemic Stimulus Deal

Trump is now telling his aides that he wants a big stimulus deal like what Nancy Pelosi is proposing for…

1 year ago

Trump Loses It After Nancy Pelosi Says She’s Going To Bring Up 25th Amendment

Trump lost it after Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she is going to bring up invoking the 25th Amendment to…

1 year ago

Michigan AG Says Militia Followed Trump’s Lead On Whitmer Kidnap Plot

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that the militia members who plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer followed Trump's dog…

1 year ago

Trump Tells Barr To Indict Joe Biden Before The Election

Trump called on Attorney General William Barr to indict Joe Biden and Barack Obama for "crimes" before Election Day.

1 year ago

Trump Calls Kamala Harris A Monster As He Burns The GOP To The Ground

Trump called Kamala Harris a monster twice on Thursday morning, as he claimed that Biden won't last two months as…

1 year ago

Out Of His Mind Trump Says Getting COVID Was A Blessing From God

Trump talked up an experimental treatment that he got the name wrong of, still had trouble breathing, and called getting…

1 year ago

Trump Just Doomed Himself By Rejecting Pandemic Stimulus Deal

Trump rejected and took responsibility for rejecting a pandemic stimulus deal that would have helped millions of people before the…

1 year ago

Walter Reed Attending Physician Blasts Trump For Irresponsible COVID Joyride

Dr. James Phillips, an attending physician at Walter Reed, blasted Trump for irresponsibly potentially infecting others with his photo-op joyride.

1 year ago

Trump Exposes Secret Service Agents To COVID So He Can Have A Photo-Op

Secret Service agents wearing nothing but N95 respirators for protection had to ride in a car with Trump so that…

1 year ago

The Medication Trump Is On Is A Red Flag For A Serious COVID Case

Specialists say that Trump taking dexamethasone is a red flag that is a sign that the patient has a serious…

1 year ago

Trump’s Condition Is Reportedly More Dire Than White House Admits

White House sources are saying that Trump's condition is direr than being released to the media, as the president has…

1 year ago

Trump’s Election Strategy Has Backfired And Is Why He Is Losing

Trump's strategy of only appealing to conservatives has led to Biden's support with moderates going up by 28 points and…

1 year ago

Trump Brags That His Supreme Court Nominee Will Kill Obamacare

Trump made a bad situation worse for Republicans by bragging that his Supreme Court nominee is going to kill the…

1 year ago

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