Trump Makes It Clear To Pennsylvania GOP That He Is Out To Steal 2024

Trump isn't trying to hide what he wants to do in 2024, as he told Pennsylvania Republicans that he wants…

2 days ago

How the Dems’ Two Big Election Bills Could Save Us from a Total Meltdown

Top election reform expert Alex Tausanovitch of the Center for American Progress explained what the biggest threats to American democracy…

4 days ago

Staff Have Turned On Trump And Are Giving Evidence Against Him

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who serves on the 1/6 Committee, said that members of Trump's staff have come forward and…

1 week ago

Alex Jones Sounds Like He Is Going To Cry As He Says Trump Hurt Him By Supporting Vaccines

Alex Jones claimed that Donald Trump hurt him by boasting about and supporting the COVID vaccines.

3 weeks ago

The 1/6 Committee Has Bombshell Evidence That Trump Was Ready To Declare A National Emergency To Stay In Power

Among the documents turned over to the 1/6 Committee by Mark Meadows is an email on how Trump could declare…

1 month ago

FEC Sued For Failing To Investigate Illegal Trump/Russia Coordination

The FEC has been sued in federal court by government watchdog groups for failing to investigate accusations of the Trump…

1 month ago

Trump May Get Stacey Abrams Elected Governor By Having David Perdue Primary Brian Kemp

Trump is meddling in Georgia again, and this time he could very easily get Stacey Abrams elected governor.

1 month ago

Trump Personally Exposed More Than 500 People To COVID

Donald Trump personally exposed hundreds of people to  COVID as he refused to take precautions after he tested positive.

1 month ago

Trump Now Has A Big Criminal Problem In Georgia Thanks To Jeffrey Clark

Jeffrey Clark's Fifth Amendment assertion should be a giant red flag for prosecutors in Georgia investigating Trump for election interference.

2 months ago

Trump Secretly Tested Positive For COVID Before Debate With Biden

According to his new book, Mark Meadows claims that Trump tested positive before his first debate with Biden in 2020.

2 months ago

After Getting Away With Killing Two People, Kyle Rittenhouse Called Trump To Hang Out At Mar-a-Lago

According to noted pathological liar Donald Trump, Kyle Rittenhouse said he was a fan, called the former president, and hung…

2 months ago

Trump Could Face Five Years In Prison If He Was Speaker Of The House

Trump's allies keep floating him for House Speaker, but if Trump were Speaker, he would be subject to strict disclosure…

2 months ago

Trump Is Not Taking Steve Bannon’s Surrender To Law Enforcement Well

Trump tried to blame Steve Bannon's crimes on President Biden and claimed that law and order are harming the country.

2 months ago

Special Grand Jury Said To Be Imminently Investigating Trump, Rudy Giuliani, And Lindsey Graham For Georgia Election Interference

Fulton County, Georgia prosecutors are said to be imminently impaneling a special grand jury to investigate Trump for election interference.

2 months ago

Trump Needs To Be Arrested As He Is Now Illegally Conducting US Foreign Policy

Trump admitted in a statement that he is illegally conducting US foreign policy in violation of the Logan Act.

2 months ago

Trump’s Attempt To Block The 1/6 Investigation Is Being Short-Circuited

There is a big difference between Trump's obstruction of the Russia investigation and the 1/6 investigation. So far, the courts…

2 months ago

Judge Shoots Down Trump’s Preemptive Motion To Block 1/6 Document Release

At 10:32 p.m., Trump filed his motion and it took the judge only 90 minutes to "plainly" deal with it.…

2 months ago

Trump Threw A Tantrum And Told The GOP He’s Starting A New Party

Trump was going to start his own third party, convinced that the GOP couldn't survive without him.

2 months ago

Adam Schiff Confirms That Trump’s Staff Are Flipping On Him

Trump's own White House staff and administration officials are flipping on him to the 1/6 Committee without being subpoenaed.

2 months ago

A Federal Judge Isn’t Buying What Trump Is Selling On Executive Privilege

Trump and his lawyers ran into a federal judge that didn't seem to be buying any of the basis of…

2 months ago

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