‘Stupidity And Petulance’: Howard Dean Lambasts Clueless Trump’s Healthcare Moves

Howard Dean

"Donald Trump no more knows anything about the insurance company than the man on the moon. So, you know, this is silly. This is typical Trump. He gets upset about something, he reacts."

While Trump Whines About Fake News And The NFL, 9 Million Kids May Lose Health Coverage

If there was ever a moment when we should put Trump's erratic behavior on the back burner and focus on a really important policy issue, now would be it.

Blatant Sabotage: Trump Is Cutting Off Obamacare Funding That Helps Americans Afford Insurance

The latest move shows that Donald Trump will do anything – even sabotage a health care law that millions of Americans rely on – if it destroys any part of Barack Obama's legacy. 

Chuck Schumer Tells Trump To Get Lost After POTUS Begs Him To Help Repeal Obamacare

Schumer told the president that Obamacare repeal is "off the table" and he should join other Republicans who are working with Democrats to improve the existing law.

Pence Makes A Fool of Himself As He Tries to Demonize Canadian Healthcare

Poor Mike Pence. Trump’s tantrums over the repeated failed efforts to pass increasingly barbaric versions of Trumpcare, must be getting on his nerves.

Bernie Sanders Calls Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill A ‘Disaster’ Right To Their Faces

Sanders CNN debate

"Every major health organization in this country ... thinks that their proposal is a disaster," Sanders said, standing right next to Sens. Graham and Cassidy.

Tom Price Used $300K In Taxpayer Funds For Private Travel While Trying To Take Your Health Care

Instead of using taxpayer dollars to enrich himself, perhaps Tom Price – and his boss – should use the funds to improve the lives of the people they are supposed to be serving.

Trump’s Health Secretary Is Using Taxpayer Money For Expensive Flights On Private Jets

As Price squanders U.S. taxpayer funds for his expensive private flights, he and his boss are working tirelessly to take health insurance away from millions of Americans.

John Kasich Tells GOP To Stop Trying To Repeal Obamacare And Work With Democrats To Improve It

Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act aren't just impractical, but they are cruel.

Trump Tweets Blatant Lie That Graham-Cassidy Bill Protects Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

The new health care legislation, which Republicans are now working to ram through the Senate, gives states the option of not covering pre-existing conditions.

Dem Senator Blasts GOP For Only Allowing 90 Seconds Of Debate On Health Care Bill

"I think we will have anywhere from – literally, by rule – 90 seconds to two minutes of debate on this legislation. Now that is an abomination, that is legislative malpractice."

John McCain Compares New Obamacare Repeal Effort To ‘Murder Or Train Robbery’

"[The process for the Cassidy-Graham bill] is better but it's not what the Senate is supposed to be doing," he said. "Is it better to be guilty of murder or train robbery?"

Democrats Sound The Alarm That Trumpcare Is Back And Ready To Kill Your Health Insurance

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is sounding the alarm to all Americans that Trumpcare is back and this time, they want to take away healthcare from even more Americans.

Top GOP Senator Rounding Up Votes For Last-Ditch Effort To Take Health Care Away From Millions

With the end of September marching closer and 2018 around the bend, Republicans are still unlikely to pass any bill to repeal and replace a law that has saved lives. In other words, the Affordable Care Act is here to stay.

Potential 2020 Democratic Nominees Are Lining Up Behind New Single-Payer Health Care Bill

The move by top Democrats sets up a stark contrast between themselves and Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

New Obamacare Repeal Bill Has Been Killed Before Most People Knew It Existed

The White House wants to see the plan approved by Congress, but not even GOP leadership is interested in pushing the measure through.

Trump HHS Secretary Greeted With Loud Boos While Throwing Out First Pitch At Nationals Game

Tom Price baseball

It probably didn't take long for Tom Price to regret his decision to participate in the baseball tradition.

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits Lowest Point Ever As His Own Supporters Flee In Droves

The poll released Monday showed Trump's approval rating at the lowest level in any survey released since he took office.

Republicans Are Finally Starting To Panic Over Trump’s Dangerous Incompetence

Six months into the Trump administration, the GOP tune is changing as the president's incompetence, corruption, and unfitness has thrown the entire Republican agenda into a dumpster and set it ablaze.