What the House Drama Reveals about the State of Extremism in America

The gang of extremists, who controlled the process of deciding the Speaker, did not so much elect McCarthy as much…

3 months ago

Opinion: From Inflation to Authoritarianism, Democracy is the Answer

Want to stop autocracy? Want relief from inflation? Democracy is the theory of everything.

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WATCH: NJ Dem Bob Menendez Eviscerates Ron Johnson During Tuesday Floor Speech

Donald Trump may now be out of office, but Ron Johnson is making sure the stain of Trumpism remains in…

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Trump Threatens John Kelly After He Blasts the Failings of Trumpism

Trump threatened John Kelly that he had an obligation to "keep his mouth shut" after Kelly, one of the people…

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GOP Senator Caught On Hot Mic Saying The Republican Party Is ‘Toast’ Under Trump

The embrace of Trumpism may play well to the base in the short term, but it's a recipe for long-term…

5 years ago

Samantha Bee and Glenn Beck Agree to Join Forces to Fight Trumpism

Bee: "Our future is going to require a broad coalition of nonpartisan’s all of us against Trumpism." Beck: "I…

6 years ago