“He Triggers Crazies” Dr. Fauci Rips Into Tucker Carlson

Dr. Anthony Fauci has spent his entire medical career helping people survive. Whether he was fighting the AIDS virus or Ebola, the renowned immunologist did his job in a completely apolitical manner.

Donald Trump, however, has politicized the COVID-19 pandemic. And in turn, the surrogates of the President have seen fit to attack Fauci. Among the most relentless of these attackers is Tucker Carlson. read more

Tucker Carlson Rails Against Sesame Street for Anti-Racism Message

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is facing a wave of criticism after using the classic PBS show Sesame Street as an example of “decades of relentless propaganda.”

“All of it designed to make us feel that we have no right to stand up for ourselves, to stand up for our country,” he said. “We are too sinful to resist, we deserve whatever we get. Shut up and take it, America.” read more

Republican Senator John Kennedy: Lift Coronavirus Restrictions or “The World Economy Collapses”

A Republican senator thinks the U.S. economy must be reopened despite the threat of Covid-19. Louisiana’s John Kennedy accepted this would cause the virus to spread even further.

Kennedy spoke to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Wednesday and argued that the U.S. must ease Coronavirus containment measures. He said the making the decision was like “choosing between cancer and a heart attack.” read more