Tucker Carlson

Putin Puppets Connected As Tucker Carlson Pressured For Clemency For Roger Stone

Tucker Carlson mounted a pressure campaign, including meeting with Jared Kushner to get clemency for Roger Stone.

5 days ago

Tucker Carlson Shows Up At Trump’s Enemies of Democracy Saudi Golf Tournament

Fox News's Tucker Carlson showed up at the Saudi-backed golf tournament at Trump's club in New Jersey.

2 months ago

Tucker Carlson Asked Hunter Biden For Help Getting His Son Into Georgetown

Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for help getting his son into Georgetown as the Fox fraudster continues to be exposed.

5 months ago

Chuck Schumer Turns Down Tucker Carlson Debate But Tells Him To Stop Promoting Racism

Tucker Carlson wanted to "debate" Chuck Schumer on his Fox News show. Schumer declined his offer but told the Fox…

5 months ago

The Scary Thing About Fox: The Audience Demands More Tucker Carlson Racism

The perception has been that Tucker Carlson is leading Fox News viewers to more racism, but it turns out that…

5 months ago

Tucker Carlson Announces A Potentially Biographical Documentary About The Collapse Of Testosterone In American Men

Tucker Carlson is promoting a new documentary about right-wing American men like himself and their projections about low testosterone.

6 months ago

Tucker Carlson Sounds Ready To Cry As He Begs Elon Musk To Save The Right

Tucker Carlson told his viewers that no one else would save the right unless Elon Musk came to their rescue…

6 months ago

Jim Acosta Nails Tucker Carlson For Using Russian Talking Points

Jim Acosta nailed Tucker Carlson for making comments similar to Putin's spokesman about Russian atrocities in Ukraine.

6 months ago

Tucker Carlson Showed Up For A Speech And Ukrainian-American Protesters Were Waiting For Him

Ukrainian-American protesters showed up at a church where Tucker Carlson was speaking to denounce his Putin propaganda.

6 months ago

Jim Acosta Takes Down Tucker Carlson: Ukraine Needs Allies Not More Lies

CNN's Jim Acosta took down Tucker Carlson for supporting Putin's evil and said that Ukraine needs allies, not more lies.

7 months ago

Russians Are Wondering When Tucker Carlson Will Be Arrested For Being A Russian Agent

Even Russians are starting to ask when Tucker Carlson is going to be arrested in the US for being a…

7 months ago

Tucker Carlson Named An Apologist For Putin On The Senate Floor

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) called Fox News's Tucker Carlson an apologist for Putin while speaking on the Senate floor.

7 months ago

Trump And Tucker Carlson Propaganda Backfires As More Americans View Russia As An Enemy

Polling reveals that the number of Americans who view Russia as an enemy has risen to 80% even as Trump…

7 months ago

Bombshell Memo Reveals Tucker Carlson’s Role In Putin’s Information War

Putin has instructed Russian media to feature Tucker Carlson as much as possible as part of his information war.

7 months ago

National Association Of Broadcasters Calls For Halt To Russia Affiliated Programming

The National Association of Broadcasters has called for all broadcasters to cease airing any Russian affiliated or programming from Russian…

7 months ago

AOC Calls Out Tucker Carlson For Endangering Libelous Harassment

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wants to know why Tucker Carlson is getting paid and a platform for libelous harassment.

8 months ago

Republican Senators Humiliate Tucker Carlson And Put Him In His Place

Republican Senators rolled their eyes at Tucker Carlson's Russian propaganda and let him know that he doesn't make any decisions.

8 months ago

Tucker Carlson Defends Domestic Terrorists Who Called Pelosi’s Office Looking For Evidence They Left Behind

Tucker Carlson claimed that the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol were innocent because they called Pelosi's office to claim…

9 months ago

Ted Cruz Faceplants On Fox As Tries To Walk Back Calling 1/6 A Terrorist Attack

The Republican Party has gone to such an extreme that Sen. Ted Cruz has to say that he was misunderstood…

9 months ago

Fox News And Tucker Carlson Are Tampering With 1/6 Committee Witnesses

Tucker Carlson engaged in witness tampering as he nudged a 1/6 Committee witness not to comply with a subpoena.

10 months ago