Trump Directed GOP Senator To Block Armenian Genocide Bill To Please Dictator

Trump asked Sen. Kevin Kramer (R-ND) to block a resolution on Turkey's genocide of the Armenian people to please Erdoğan.

3 years ago

John Bolton Confirms That Trump Is Compromised And Making Policy Decisions For Cash

In a private speech Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton said that the president made a foreign policy decision…

3 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Domestic and Foreign Policy Reveal his Genocidal Mind

The national security threats the behavior of President Donald Trump and his administration have posed to the United States have…

3 years ago

Pelosi And Schumer Blast Trump For His Un-American Turkish Surrender

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer blasted President Donald Trump for refusing to sanction Turkey in a move of total surrender.

3 years ago

Opinion: Trump Needs to be Brought to U.N. on Charges of Genocide

While the Turkish continue to deny this history to this day, in 1915 the nation of Turkey engaged in a…

3 years ago

To What Extent is Trump Really Abusing the Presidency to Get Rich at America’s Expense?

We know that the Philippines, Kuwait, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are among the foreign governments booking large blocks of rooms…

4 years ago

‘Smoking Gun’ CIA Recording May Prove Saudi Ordered Khashoggi Killed

A Turkish newspaper reported yesterday that the CIA has a “smoking gun” recording of a phone call which proves that…

4 years ago

Saudi Official Gives New Explanation For How Khashoggi Died

A senior Saudi government official speaking to Reuters news agency has offered new details concerning the killing of Saudi journalist…

4 years ago

Human Rights Groups Demand That the U.N. Investigate Khashoggi’s Killing

Amnesty International and several other leading global human rights organizations are calling for the United Nations to investigate the killing of…

4 years ago

Trump thanks Turkey for pastor’s release, denies cutting deal

Trump specifically thanked President Tayyip Erdogan "for his help", drawing a curt response from the Turkish leader, who has repeatedly…

4 years ago

Turkey Claims to Have Apple Watch Recording of Khashoggi’s Murder

Officials in Turkey have in their possession an Apple Watch audio recording of the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi,…

4 years ago

Trump Knew Michael Flynn Was Being Investigated Before Making Him National Security Adviser

The New York Times just added fuel to the raging dumpster fire threatening to take down this White House.

6 years ago

Malcolm Nance Slams Trump for Following Moscow’s Push for an Axis of Autocracy

"There appears to be this alignment pushed by Moscow, doubled down on with Trump, to align all of these autocracies"...…

6 years ago

From Turkey to China, The Trumps Continue to Cash in on Presidency

"Ivanka's company won approval for new China trademarks the same day she dined w/ China's president at Mar-a-Lago."

6 years ago

Is Complex Systems Collapse in Our Future?

The internationalized world of the Bronze Age came to a catastrophic end. We are not immune to a similar systems…

8 years ago

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Declares War on ISIL

What will #OpCharlieHebdo mean for ISIL? Given the hacktivist group's record so far, ISIL might want to refer back to…

8 years ago

President Obama Talks Strategy with Anti-ISIL Coalition

President Obama pointed to the ideological component and to the economic conditions which contribute to ISIL's recruitment of young men…

8 years ago

Do Other Countries Really ‘Hate’ Obama as the Right Claims?

Oh, how they hate Obama. I mean 'hate' with a capital "H." We're talking about most of the world's population.…

9 years ago

Rick Perry’s New Enemy – America’s Ally Turkey

In the latest gaffe by a GOP presidential hopeful, Rick Perry singled out America's ally Turkey, claiming it is led…

11 years ago