Trump is Preparing to Sue Facebook and Twitter CEOs Over Social Media Bans

Former President Donald Trump will announce class action lawsuits today against Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over his social media bans. Trump, who is permanently banned from Twitter and has been suspended from Facebook for at least another two years, had his public platforms by the social media companies in the wake of the January 6 insurrection. Since then, he has criticized the bans as censorship, particularly against conservatives. read more

They Got Richer But Their Workers Didn’t: Bill de Blasio Encourages New Yorkers to Buy Local Rather Than From Amazon This Prime Day

Not too many Americans had a good year financially in 2020. Jeff Bezos, however, had a banner year. The fortune of the Amazon founder only grew while people were stuck in their houses.

Amazon has been heavily criticized for the pay and treatment of its workers despite massive profits. On Monday, the online retailer celebrated its Prime Day, offering major discounts on popular items. Bill de Blasio encouraged New Yorkers to instead shop locally. read more

WATCH: Legendary Sports Announcer Bob Costas Blasts MAGA Fringe, Says the Country Needs Strong Conservative Party

Bob Costas worked the Olympics for decades on the NBC network. He appeared on Chris Cuomo‘s CNN show on Thursday night to talk about the upcoming games.

The broadcaster told the host that due to Japan’s low vaccination rates, the games should be postponed for another year. The former NBC host explained, “If you wanted to come up, forget about within sports, but anywhere in the world, with a petri dish for a surge, variants and all the rest, how about bringing large numbers of people from 200 different countries, with varying levels of health care and all the rest, varying levels of vaccination, bring them together.” read more

LISTEN: My Pillow Guy Says Twitter Stole His Account and Retweeted Things Without His Permission

Mike Lindell says God put Trump in the White House at coronavirus briefing

Shortly after he inspired an insurrection, Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump from their services. Many of Trump’s most ardent supporters, though,m have still been able to use the website.

Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, might be Trump’s biggest fan. And he has become increasingly unhinged since the ex-President lost the election back in November. read more

WATCH: Glenn Beck Compares Twitters Treatment of Conservatives to Germany’s Treatment of Jews

The Republican party and their cable news surrogates are big on hyperbole. This was seen tonight when multiple GOP Reps. lost their minds over a metal detector placed in the House.

But you can always count on Fox News to take it to the next level. Especially when the segment involves Glenn Beck and Tucker Carlson. On Tuesday night, Beck compared Twitter‘s treatment of Conservatives to Germany‘s treatment of Jews during World War II. read more