Opinion: Trump Defends Cyber-Bullies As Melania Holds Annual #BeBest Campaign

The bullies of America know that Donald Trump has their backs. The bully can  even be a race horse, for whom Trump will tweet a defense. Politically correct “MAGA” talk show hosts, people who are known to bully and harass on social media, can count on Trump to cry “censorship” when they are acted against. Naturally, Trump’s passion for free speech only applies to the free speech protections for his own tribe. read more

Democrats Have Trump Rattled, Unhinged, And In A State Of Total Panic

Trump hit a new level of incoherent when he said he never called Robert Costa of The Washington Post while admitting to calling Costa in the same tweet.

Avenatti Smacks Down Trump, Don Jr., Ingraham, Cohen and the GOP

Republicans keep underestimating Michael Avenatti. They think if they call him a “porn star lawyer” he will go away. They don’t realize that he’s one of the top lawyers in the world and has won well over $1 billion in verdicts on behalf of his clients. He has always represented “the little guy” who sues big corporations — and he always wins. read more

Democrats Now Have Their Own Social Media Army to Fight the Russians

Russia has been using social media for several years to sow discord among the American electorate, and now Democrats have their own army of social media specialists to fight back.

U.S. intelligence services have confirmed many times that the Russian attack on America was not done by just hacking systems, it also has been done through massive social media campaigns involving the use of “bots” and disinformation campaigns. read more

Devin Nunes Wants To Sue Twitter After Getting Busted For Tweeting Trump/Russia Propaganda

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and three other House Republicans are threatening to sue Twitter because their accounts were temporarily shadowbanned.

Trump Calls Democrats Crazy As He Lies About Winning Russia Collusion Lawsuit

Trump to spin the judge throwing out the DNC lawsuit over Russia collusion as a victory, but it was a lie. The lawsuit was not tossed for lack of merit, but jurisdiction.

Here Are Two Ways Jeff Bezos Could Shut Down Trump

Trump loves to tweet, and now twitter is firing back at the president who has been posting some nasty tweets about Amazon and Jeff Bezos. Many people on the White House staff have tried to stop Trump from tweeting, but to no avail.  Now former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara has come up with a great suggestion. read more

M.I.T. Study Says Fake News Is 70 percent More Likely to Spread on Twitter Than Real News

An alarming new study from researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology seems to prove that false stories on Twitter are 70 percent more likely to be spread by human users of the social media platform than are true stories. The study looked at 126,000 stories shared by 3 million people on Twitter over an eleven year period from 2006 to 2017. read more

Trump Just ‘Liked’ A Tweet About His Rich Friend Sexually Assaulting Women

The fact that Trump would give a thumbs up to this tweet – or Wynn's behavior –may seem stunning, but it shouldn't be all that surprising.

Trump So Desperate For Praise That He’s Bragging About A Poll Showing 53% Disapproval Rating

The poll Trump bragged about on Thursday shows that 53 percent of the country thinks he hasn't done a good job. 

Democrats Erupt On Ignorant Trump After He Wishes For ‘Good Old Global Warming’

One Democratic representative called Trump a "child who hates science class."

The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing At Self-Obsessed Trump’s Time Magazine Claim

Trump's dangerous presidency has been no laughing matter. But every so often, he says something so ludicrous that it's impossible not to laugh at how buffoonish he is. 

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low In Fox Poll As White Men Flee Him In Droves

It's one thing for Donald Trump's approval rating to be so low in a Fox News poll. It's a whole new level of embarrassment for the president that his so-called base is the reason behind it.

Twitter’s Animal Farm TOS Enforcement Greenlights Misogyny, Trump, his Followers and Russian Bots

Last week, Twitter suspended Rose McGowan’s account because, according to Twitter, she violated TOS.

Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump: If You Resign, I’d Be Glad To Give You My Show

Kimmel's jab came after Trump whined about late night comedians being too hard on him.

Puerto Rico Governor Instantly Fact-Checks Trump’s Lie About His ‘Amazing’ Relief Effort

As all of this unfolds, the President of the United States is tweeting more North Korea threats likely from the seat of a golf cart at his ritzy resort in New Jersey.

Chris Murphy Rains Hell On Trump For Attacking Suffering Puerto Ricans From His Ritzy Golf Club

"Today our President will sit in his opulent golf resort attacking hurricane first responders," Murphy tweeted.