Twitter is Illegally Making Me Look Bad Rages Trump

Trump proclaims himself the best president for black Americans since Lincoln

Donald Trump was one of the first celebrities to frequently use Twitter. And he used it to build a political career by spreading his false birtherism claim.

But all isn’t right in the world with Trump and the website where he has amassed 84.2 million followers. On Monday night, the President claimed that the social media site is intentionally out to make him look bad. read more

“Multiple” White House Aides Have Reportedly Turned Off Notifications for Trump’s Tweets

A number of White House aides don’t want to see the President’s tweets, according to a new report from ABC News. This is despite the fact that Twitter is his preferred medium.

Donald Trump sends several tweets almost every day and frequently breaks his own record for tweets and retweets. But according to the ABC News story, many of his aides see this as a problem. read more

Biden Says “Enough” to Trump “Calling for Violence Against American Citizens”

Joe Biden Trump Ukraine

Joe Biden has called out President Donald Trump following his tweet about shooting protesters. The presumptive Democratic nominee weighed in as conditions in Minneapolis grow more fraught.

“Enough,” Biden tweeted on Friday morning before writing a thread about Trump’s response to the violence in Minnesota. He also addressed the arrest of a CNN team during a live broadcast. read more