Hillary Clinton Warns That Barr’s Attitude Paves The Road To Tyranny

Hillary Clinton Warns That Barr’s Attitude Paves The Road To Tyranny

Hillary Clinton warned that William Barr's attitude on executive power puts the country down the road to tyranny.

5 years ago

Opinion: GOP Senator Threatens Constituent With Arrest For Requesting a Town Hall

Republicans are terrified of the people they are elected to serve; not intimidate or threaten them with arrest for calling…

7 years ago

Trump Surrogate Calls on FBI’s Comey to “Crackdown” on Peaceful Protests

The latest outrage, one that should alarm every American alive, is a call from a Trump acolyte in a Trump-related…

8 years ago

Trump Surrogate Still Promoting Prison for Journalists

Trump routinely made vague proposals to limit basic elements of press and internet freedom. His intent and disregard for the…

8 years ago

On Independence Day Republicans Crusade To Eliminate the Rights of Half The Population

Republicans at all levels of government, at the behest of the religious right, have launched a vicious crusade to eliminate…

10 years ago

When Pressed Conservatives Can’t Name One Reality Based Example of Obama Tyranny

It is noteworthy that regardless the cries of tyranny, conservative and libertarian devotees never cite one example that could be…

11 years ago

The NRA: Beholden to Gun Manufacturers and Betrayers of Their Country

The rising calls for civil or revolutionary war are the result of President Obama's re-election, but with NRA and Republican…

11 years ago

Jon Stewart Shoots Down the Right’s Obama 2nd Amendment Tyranny Hysteria

Jon Stewart tore apart the right's Obama tyranny hysteria, and suggested that they were mistaking tyranny for losing a presidential…

11 years ago