President Obama Stands Up To Israeli Netanyahu’s Aggression in Palestine

The U.N. reaffirmed its consensus that settlements have no legal validity. The United States has been sending a message that settlements must stop.

Israel Spied On America And Passed Classified Secrets To Anti-American Republicans

f Americans failed to believe that America did not need to re-evaluate its unconditional support for Israel before, this deliberate and concerted effort between Israel and Republicans to subvert American foreign policy cannot be ignored.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Schools GOP Traitors on Constitution and International Law

The Iranian may know the Constitution and international law better than the treasonous 47, but it seems he does not understand that in America, Republicans are not bound to any law; domestic or international.

Obama’s Decision to Get Congressional Approval Gives Sanity a Chance

War should be a matter for sober reflection, not knee-jerk reactions, and the president should be praised for opening the matter up to debate