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Republican-Led Senate Passes Motion Committing to Peaceful Transition of Power

The Republican-controlled Senate passed a resolution on committing to a peaceful transition of power after the November presidential election, though the measure was introduced by a Democrat. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who is often considered the most conservative Democrat in the Senate, proposed the resolution following President Donald Trump comment’s refusing to commit to…


Republican Campaign Chair: “There’s No Doubt” GOP Will Control the Senate

The director of Republicans’ Senate campaign has claimed his party will retain control of the chamber despite polls showing many key GOP members are vulnerable this November. Kevin McLaughlin is National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director. He told Politico on Wednesday that the GOP would keep the Senate this fall. “There’s no doubt that Republicans will control…


Republican Senate Candidate Kris Kobach: Coronavirus Numbers Are “Being Cooked” to Harm Trump’s Reelection

Kris Kobach has claimed Coronavirus numbers are being falsified in order to harm Donald Trump’s reelection chances. His comments come as the President shared false information about the disease. Kobach is a former Kansas secretary of state and he’s running for the Senate seat there in November. He spoke to the YouTube program National File…


Mitch McConnell May Tell Republicans to Distance Themselves from Trump

Mitch McConnell could advise Republicans to start distancing themselves from Donald Trump, according to a new report. The President’s recent poll numbers have given McConnell pause. A Reuters report suggested on Thursday that the Senate Majority Leader could is concerned that Trump could cost Republicans the Senate this November. “Trump’s falling poll numbers worry some…


Former McCain Advisor Steve Schmidt: Republicans’ Senate Majority Is “Going Down with the SS Trump”

Steve Schmidt believes Republicans will lose control of the Senate if they continue to be Donald Trump’s “foot soldiers.” The former GOP strategist offered a grim assessment for the party. Schmidt was a senior advisor to Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. He’s become a strong critic of President Trump and told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that…


Former Presidential Contender Amy Klobuchar’s Husband Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Democrat from Minnesota, announced on Monday that her husband, law professor John Bessler, has contracted coronavirus. Bessler, 52, teaches law in Baltimore, Maryland. Klobuchar is not presently near her husband at this moment, but said in a statement she’s maintaining contact through digital means. “While I cannot see him and he is…


Could The Senate Go Blue This Year? Poll Shows 4 GOP Lawmakers Are Underwater Versus Dem Rivals

Even if Democrats win the presidency this year, it would be hard for any Democratic president to get a lot done with policy, given the current make-up within Congress. While Democrats control the House of Representatives, currently Republicans have a majority in the Senate, with 53 senators in the “upper house” part of the GOP…


New Polls Show Democrats Have a Real Chance to Win the Senate

The headline caught my eye.  It read: “Poll: Bredesen, Blackburn in dead heat in Tennessee senate race.” According to The Tennessean, “A survey conducted by East Tennessee State University on Friday shows that both Bredesen and Blackburn are earning support from 44 percent of likely voters.” This headline is much different from other headlines we’ve seen recently…


Koch Brothers Launch Digital Ad Blitz For Heidi Heitkamp

Is it possible that Democrats may take back control of the U.S. Senate with the help of the Koch Brothers?  As improbable as that sounds, it could actually happen. Americans for Prosperity, a member of the powerful Koch network supported by conservative billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, has launched a digital advertising campaign supporting…


New GOP Scheme To Stop Democratic Senators From Campaigning

Desperate times require desperate measures, and desperate Republicans in Congress are running scared.  Because they know they have no legislative accomplishments to help them win elections in November and because the president they blindly support has historically low approval ratings, they have resorted to a last-ditch desperation move which they insanely think will help them…


A Mushroom Cloud of Obstruction: Why Republicans Are Blocking START

Republicans will not address the START treaty because it is a top foreign policy priority of the Obama Administration. Unfortunately, without a means of accounting for every last nuclear device in the Russian arsenal, it is a very real possibility that a rogue nation or terror group can acquire and detonate a nuclear device in an American city. For humanity, that would be a disaster of epic proportion, but for Republicans, it will be a reason to blame the Obama Administration for allowing an attack on America. Perhaps that is their real goal; a mushroom cloud over a major American city.

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