Irate GOP Senator Is Fighting Trump Over ’Embarrassing’ Russia Documents

One of the U.S. Senate’s most powerful Republicans is fuming mad at President Donald Trump.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, former chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has declared war against Trump’s White House according to a new report in POLITICO. read more

Grassley Wants a Senate Vote On Mueller Protection Bill

One of the most powerful people in Congress, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, now says that the Senate should have a floor vote on the so-called “Mueller Protection Bill.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman said on Thursday that having a vote on the bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from getting fired was the right thing to do. read more

New Polls Show Democrats Have a Real Chance to Win the Senate

The headline caught my eye.  It read:

Poll: Bredesen, Blackburn in dead heat in Tennessee senate race.”

According to The Tennessean, “A survey conducted by East Tennessee State University on Friday shows that both Bredesen and Blackburn are earning support from 44 percent of likely voters.” read more

Koch Brothers Launch Digital Ad Blitz For Heidi Heitkamp

Is it possible that Democrats may take back control of the U.S. Senate with the help of the Koch Brothers?  As improbable as that sounds, it could actually happen.

Americans for Prosperity, a member of the powerful Koch network supported by conservative billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, has launched a digital advertising campaign supporting Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota for her co-sponsorship of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protect Act.   read more

New GOP Scheme To Stop Democratic Senators From Campaigning

Desperate times require desperate measures, and desperate Republicans in Congress are running scared.  Because they know they have no legislative accomplishments to help them win elections in November and because the president they blindly support has historically low approval ratings, they have resorted to a last-ditch desperation move which they insanely think will help them prevail in the midterms. read more

Blue Wave Hits Tennessee As Democrat Has 5 Point Lead In Senate Race

A Nashville newspaper has reported that there is a new poll in Tennessee showing former Democratic governor Phil Bredesen holding a lead over his likely U.S. Senate race opponent, Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn who is leading in all of the state’s Republican primary polls.  Bredesen is not facing a Democratic primary challenger. read more

British PM, European Parliament Call for Facebook Investigation

‘The Heat is On’ is a Glenn Frey song made famous by the 1980’s TV show ‘Miami Vice.’ Given all the news about how Facebook data was improperly used to manipulate hundreds of millions of people in elections, the song’s title is an apt description of the environment that the social media giant is currently facing. read more

Terrified GOP Begging Bob Corker Not To Retire As Deep-Red Tennessee Could Go Blue

Trump cheerleader and frontrunner for the nomination, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, could lose the seat for Republicans and possibly hand the Senate majority back to the Democrats.

Democrats Obliterate Rand Paul For Holding Government Hostage Over Phony Deficit Concerns

What's obvious is that Republicans don't truly care about the deficit – they never have. Instead, they use it as a political football to get some cable news coverage or boost their poll numbers in an election year.

Chris Murphy Warns GOP They Are In For Rude Awakening If They Try Stopping Mueller

"They are all going to go down with the ship if they are seen as trying to protect against the truth coming out in this investigation."

After Cutting Taxes For The Wealthy, GOP Senate Delays Disaster Relief Bill

Republican senators will head home for a long holiday break proud of the tax relief they passed for their donors, while those still recovering from deadly natural disasters see no relief at all.

Democrats Take 18-Point Lead In Midterm Matchup As Voters Are Eager To Punish GOP For Tax Scam

Democrats lead the GOP by a whopping 18 points among registered voters – the largest lead they've held in two decade's worth of midterm election cycles.

‘People Aren’t Stupid’: Bernie Sanders Shuts Down GOP Tax Scam In 15 Seconds

Sanders took a machete to the Republican tax scam on Monday, saying that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why it’s so unpopular.

GOP Committing Political Suicide As Two-Thirds Of America Think Tax Proposal Is A Scam

The poll comes as GOP lawmakers have reportedly come to an agreement on a final plan they believe would have the votes to pass through Congress.

GOP Schedules Emergency Meeting To Decide Whether Roy Moore Should Remain In Senate If He Wins

It's going to take more than meetings and publicity stunts to remove the stain that men like Roy Moore and Donald Trump have put on the Republican Party.

Early Exit Polls In Alabama Show High Democratic Turnout, Low Approval For Trump

Exit polls can be unreliable, but they show that Democrats have reason to be cautiously optimistic that they have a shot at winning a Senate seat in Alabama.

Sellout Orrin Hatch Says Roy Moore’s Pedophilia Is No Big Deal Since It Happened So Long Ago

According to the Republican senator, alleged child molestation is A-okay so long as a sufficient number of years pass before you're caught.

Jaws Drop As Roy Moore Supporter Says She’d Support Him Even With Proof Of Child Molestation

It's just the latest evidence that supporters of Donald Trump, Roy Moore and other high-profile Republicans will allow their candidates to get away with anything.