Trump Didn’t Want Ukraine To Have Missiles Because It Would Upset Russia

Trump and Mick Mulvaney put a hold on providing Javelin missiles to Ukraine because they didn’t want to upset Russia.

From the transcript of Catherine Croft’s testimony:

Q: One thing I just want to go back to before I move ahead to your time in Kyiv, the Javelins—the provision of the Javelins in 20—late 2017, early 2018, do you recall whether there was ever a hold or a freeze put on the Javelin provision? read more

White House Issues Delusional Statement After New Transcripts Sink Trump

After the transcripts of two pivotal Ukraine witnesses blew apart Trump's impeachment defense, the White House responded with pure delusion.

Trump Signs Off On Lawyer For Giuliani’s Arrested Friends Who He Claims Not To Know

Trump has claimed that he doesn't know Rudy Giuliani's arrested associates in the Ukraine scheme, but he signed off on a lawyer for both men.

Trump And Barr Ask UK Officials To Attack The US Intelligence Community

British government officials were described as stunned by the request from Trump and Barr for them to do a hatchet job on the US intelligence community.

Impeachment Scandal Spreads As Sen. Ron Johnson Caught In Trump’s Ukraine Conspiracy

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) met with a former Ukrainian diplomat who circulated conspiracy theories that Trump wants to have investigated about the 2016 election.

Senate Judiciary Democrats Demand Barr Recuse Himself On Ukraine

Barr offers more Mueller report to Democrats

Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are demanding that Attorney General William Barr recuse himself on all matters relating to Ukraine.

Opinion: Ambassador Bill Taylor Decimated Trump’s Ukraine Defense With Facts, Documentation and Character

Bill Taylor Ukraine quid pro quo

After days of anticipation, Ambassador Bill Taylor gave testimony that decimated Donald Trump’s claim that there was no quid pro quo when he shook down the president of Ukraine.

Taylor, a career civil servant, served America for fifty years in multiple posts Stateside and abroad. He came back from retirement to serve as ambassador to Ukraine following Trump’s crude dismissal of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch because she got in the way of Trump’s scam. read more

Trump’s DOJ Just Threw Rudy Giuliani Under The Bus

A spokesman for the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a statement on Sunday night that distanced the DOJ from Rudy Giuliani.

John Bolton Blows The Whistle On Trump And Giuliani’s Ukraine “Drug Deal”

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton called what Trump and Giuliani were doing in Ukraine a "drug deal," and was so alarmed that wanted White House lawyers notified.

Opinion: So-Called “Liberal” Media Continues to Enable Trump’s Deceit of the American people

The latest tact of Republican apologists for President Donald Trump’s violating his oath of office by publicly urging China to interfere in the 2020 presidential election is to insist that Trump was just joking. read more

Opinion: Trump Is Why Whistleblowers Need Protection

Donald Trump showed us why whistleblowers need protection. He all but ordered a hit on the whistleblower who exposed his shakedown of the Ukraine and more when it became all too clear that his presidency is cooked. read more

Rudy Giuliani Loses It On Twitter And Claims Biden Is Trying To Silence Him

Rudy Giuliani responded to Biden demanding that the networks stop giving him airtime by claiming that Joe Biden is trying to silence him.

Trump’s Sunday Nightmare: 64% of Americans Believe He Shook Down Ukraine For Biden Dirt

A new ABC News/Ipsos poll found that 64% of Americans believe that Trump tried to pressure Ukraine for dirt on Biden and the vast majority aren't surprised.

Top U.S. spy official says whistleblower who accused Trump acted in ‘good faith’

Top U.S. spy official says whistleblower who accused Trump acted in ‘good faith’
By Patricia Zengerle, David Morgan and Doina Chiacu

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The top U.S. intelligence official said on Thursday that a whistleblower who filed a complaint concerning President Donald Trump has “acted in good faith,” testifying after a House panel released the individual’s report that accused Trump of using his office to solicit Ukraine’s interference in the 2020 election. read more

Rachel Maddow Masterfully Shreds Trump Attorney General William Barr

Rachel Maddow William Barr Ukraine

Rachel Maddow took apart Attorney General William Barr and shredded him for his role in the Ukraine scandal as Trump's get out of jail free card.

Trump Says He Will Only Release Full Whistleblower Complaint If Biden Is Investigated

Trump Biden transparency

Trump claimed that he would only release the full Ukraine whistleblower complaint if there is "full transparency" on his baseless Biden conspiracy theory.

The Ukraine Controversy That Is Not Actually A Controversy

Ukrainian prosecutors opened a criminal investigation into Burisma in 2014 looking into suspected tax violations.

In 2016, a Kiev district court said it had found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Burisma president and owner Zlochevsky and ordered the Prosecutor General's Office to remove him from the authorities' wanted list.

Biden Makes All Of Trump’s Nightmares Come True With 2 Sentences

Joe Biden Trump Ukraine

In a brief, but powerful, statement Joe Biden wrecked Trump and brought all of the president's biggest fears to life with two sentences.

House Democrats May Create A Select Committee To Handle Trump Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff

As the Ukraine scandal grows, House Democrats are considering a big aggressive step of creating a select committee on Trump impeachment.