Pelosi Announces That The House Will Pass Resolution Allowing Staff To Unionize

Speaker Pelosi announced that the House will pass a resolution allowing staff to unionize if they wish.

9 months ago

WATCH: Jake Tapper Asks FOP Chief Why Police Union, Which Backed Trump, Isn’t Supporting Brutalized Capitol Police Officers

It is not a monolith, but generally police officers support the Republican party. So what happens when supporters of the…

2 years ago

Beyond Hollywood: Reaching all workplaces with #MeToo

In Hollywood and beyond, women are organizing to address sexual harassment in all workplaces, be they schools, hotels, farms, fast…

5 years ago

A Big Win For Workers As Obama’s New Pro-Union Rule Is Set To Take Effect

Beginning tomorrow a new Obama administration rule that will speed up the process for workers to unionize will take effect,…

8 years ago

Chris Hayes Is The Only MSNBC Host To Meet NBC Employees Who Are Trying to Unionize

MSNBC's parent company, NBC-Universal has been engaging in a union busting campaign, so the workers asked the primetime hosts to…

9 years ago

35,000 to 1: Protesters Mobilize To Take Down Scott Walker

An estimated 35,000 Wisconsinites rallied at the Madison stop for Wisconsin's AFL-CIO's "Reclaim Wisconsin Tour," the immediate focus of which…

11 years ago