Kentucky Supreme Court tosses Republican pension law

By Karen Pierog

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday threw out a law aimed at addressing the state’s cash-strapped retirement system because it was improperly passed by the Republican-controlled legislature. read more

Anti-Union Hero Trump Busted For Violating Federal Labor Laws

Trump is breaking federal law and Trump Hotel Las Vegas is operating illegally. He should accept the federal government’s order and treat his workers with respect.

With Trump Leading the GOP Today is Republicans’ “Anti-labor Day”

"Only a fool harbors the ugly thought of breaking unions or tries to deprive working people of the right to join the union of their choice.”

Rauner Tells Illinois Democrats if They Won’t Punish the Taxpayers, He Will: Part II of a Series Covering Illinois Politics

Rauner has chosen to plunder the state for his own private interest and those of his cronies.

Trickle-Down to Keep-the-Worker-Down: It’s Not the “Skills Gap” Driving Down Wages

Witness the reality of the GOP's keep-the worker-down economics and its persistent drive to re-distribute wealth from the bottom to the top

Half Of America is Now Impoverished Because the Koch-Republicans Destroyed the Middle Class

The percentage of middle-class households dropped in every state in the Union between 2000 and 2013, along with median income

Labor Backs Bernie Sanders For President During Event In New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine

At an event in Concord, NH today, local and statewide labor leaders endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

Scott Walker Commits Political Suicide By Promising To Step Up His War On American Workers

With his poll numbers in free fall, Walker has decided to step up his war on American workers.

President Obama Fights For the American Workers Republicans Hate

Obama defends workers' right to earn the federal minimum wage and overtime protections; something Republicans believe is an abomination

Conservative Prays For Katrina-Like Disaster In Chicago To Give Corporations Government Control

Instead of noting how inept the Bush response to help tens-of-thousands of Americans was, or mourning the loss of 1,800 lives, this sick psychotic conservative hoped that an equally-catastrophic disaster would strike the city of Chicago.

Donald Trump Advises Automakers To Kill Jobs To Increase Corporate Profits

Trump's plan to help U.S. automakers sounds an awful lot like Mitt Romney's underhanded tactics at Bain Capital

Inconvenient Truth: America’s Public Schools Are Among Highest Achieving In The World

If, as privatization "reformers" in Republican, corporate, and Obama Education Department claim that America's public schools are dire failures, then America's wealthy public schools with unionized teachers, and tenure, would be failing and not at the "top of the international charts."

Republican VW Union Busting Victory Turns Into a Major Defeat For The GOP

By blocking the workforce's efforts at creating a works council at the Chattanooga plant, Republicans also blocked VW expansion for Tennessee and the entire southern United States.

Republicans Union Busting Backfires As Support For Unions Rises 10 Points

The latest Pew Research Survey has found that as Republican governors has been busting unions over the last two years, union favorability has risen from 41% to 51%.

Can Government Pick Up Where Unions Left Off?

With union power waning, governments are implementing workers' rights. It's time to build a national movement built on grassroots efforts.

Anti-Free Market Republicans Want to Kill the USPS to Create a Monopoly for UPS and FedEx

One of the reasons Republicans drool to end the USPS is that it delivers millions of parcels every single day, and at a low cost that keeps private carriers' (FedEx and U.P.S.) prices in check.

Michiganders Force Returning Lawmakers to Take the Walk of Shame

More than 100 Michigan workers welcomed back their lawmakers to the Capitol with shouts of 'Shame!', after they voted to force workers to work for less.

States Offer Up Many Consequential Ballot Measures

Nearly 180 ballot measures face a vote on Tuesday. Here are a few of the most consequential initiatives to watch.

Republicans Won’t Stop Their Assault on Unions Until Every State is Right-to-Work

Collective bargaining has been under attack. Now, the upcoming elections are hazardous as the GOP seeks to impose more right-to-work laws