Republican Gov Calls for Unconstitutional Remedy to Obama’s Executive Orders

Republican Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi is calling for an unconstitutional remedy for what he sees as Obama's unconstitutional use of executive orders regarding gun safety.

GOP: Refusing to do What We Want You to Do is a Violation of the Constitution

The Republican Party seems to think if Obama doesn't do what they want him to do, he is violating the Constitution

Right Wing ‘Patriots’ Reserve the Right of Free Speech Just for Themselves

One of the hallmarks of so-called hard-right 'patriots' is their immutable adherence to the Constitution and all of its tenets, and yet they reserve the most important right, that of free speech, for themselves.

Ryan to Evangelicals: Obama’s Path Compromises Judeo-Christian Values

Paul Ryan says Obama's path compromises some non-existent values; the real problem is that Obama stands between Ryan and the Constitution

The Lies Used to Portray Obama as an anti-Constitutionalist

Matt Barber calls quotes anti-Constitutionalist Patrick Henry to defend the Constitution and to portray Obama as the anti-Constitutionalist