Mitch McConnell’s Astonishing Failure to Do His Job Revealed by the Numbers

Rather than "big things" we have been treated to a clinic on entropy; a lot of "big words" rather than "big things," and very little action

John Boehner Says He is Proud of His Accomplishments

Boehner lists his dubious accomplishments, but forgets all those failed Obamacare votes and Benghazi investigations and lies about the rest

Boehner and McConnell Balance Their Budget on the Backs of the American People

Republicans are making much of their "balanced" budget but this "work harder for less" budget is not really balanced at all

After Voting to Strip it From DC Residents, Boehner Claims to Champion Religious Freedom

"America was founded on the principle of religious freedom." It's just a shame he thinks only corporations have that freedom

John Boehner Says We Finally Have a Senate That is Actually Working

Boehner's reaction to Senate dysfunction is to claim a change of leadership in the Senate has given us a Senate that is actually working.

Boehner Attempts to Undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Republicans are more than willing to waste money to help the rich and corporations, but money spent protecting the rest of us is "wasteful"

Obama’s Cleveland Appearance Leaves Boehner No Other Option but to Lie – Again

Eviscerated by President Obama in Cleveland, Speaker Boehner had no option but to try to bury Obama's budget in well-tried but obvious lies

Clinton Emails Have Provided GOP Yet Another Excuse to Cry “Benghazi”

The GOP is determined to ignore every relevant fact about Benghazi on their mission to crucify Hillary Clinton

House Speaker Boehner Skipped Selma Anniversary For California Resort Town Fundraisers

John Boehner missed the Selma 50th Anniversary commemoration because he was attending two fundraising events in California resort towns.

A Petition Has Been Launched To Prosecute and Expel John Boehner From Congress

This week a petition began circulating for the purpose of prosecuting Speaker of the House John A. Boehner for willfully breaking a federal law when he knowingly violated the 216 year-old Logan Act.

Conservatives Go Gaga For Bibi As They Trip Over Themselves Praising Netanyahu’s Speech

Immediately after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech before Congress, Republicans and conservatives made sure to deliver overwhelming praise, especially considering the controversy behind the address.

5 Big Whoppers from Speaker Boehner

Unwilling to do anything to help Americans, John Boehner concocts some more self-serving lies to blame Obama for his own failings

John Boehner Shares his Scott Walker-Like Delusions About Foreign Policy

You might remember how John Boehner went all Stepford-like on Fox News Sunday and screamed that he was going to shutdown Homeland Security, and oh by the way it’s all Obama’s fault? If you didn’t watch the entire interview, you missed a few other Boehner nuggets. read more

Boehner Plucks OK Gov. Mary Fallin to Repeat his Keystone XL Lies in Weekly Address

In the final analysis this is government of, by, and for the people, not a group of oil-drenched Koch-whores in Congress

Rand Paul’s Read the Bills Act Relies on Congress to Tell the Truth

Rand Paul says he wants Congress to read bills before they vote, relying on them to tell us truthfully if they actually read them.

John Boehner Falsely Claims House Focused Squarely on Jobs and the Economy

John Boehner continues to pretend he cares about jobs while pushing his Keystone XL get rich quick scheme on the American people

Boehner’s Latest Attempt to Hoodwink America Fails Like the Rest

Boehner twisted history to claim that "the American people can't afford a repeat of the same old top-down policies of the past"

Israeli Ambassador Jokes About Working To Undermine President Obama

Netanyahu's Ambassador Ron Dermer figured Super Bowl Sunday was a great day to kick sand in the President's face by tweeting "Breaking Protocol, Choosing Sides: Go Patriots.

Israeli Ambassador Throws John Boehner Under The Bus After Disrespect Of Obama Backfires

In an attempt to justify and mitigate Prime Minister Netanyahu's acceptance of an invitation to speak to Congress, Ron Dermer, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's ambassador to the U.S., basically threw Speaker Boehner (R-OH) under the bus.

The Lame Duck President’s Not So Lame State Of The Union Speech

Obama right on the economy SOTU

I was privileged to watch a chamber full of sullen, petulant, mostly far-right and white, wealthy Koch puppets, largely sitting on their hands as second term President Barack Obama, gave them a not so subtle dressing down.