Trump Says He Prefers a ‘Good Shutdown’ to Making a Deal With Dems to Fund Government

Frustrated with having to "do a deal" to fund the government Trump whined, "Our country needs a good 'shutdown' in September to fix mess!"

PFAW Accuse Jeff Sessions of ‘Putting His Extreme Ideology Above the Constitution’

PFAW assert that "the burden was on Senator Sessions today to show that he’s fit to serve as attorney general. He failed miserably."

Mitch McConnell’s Astonishing Failure to Do His Job Revealed by the Numbers

Rather than "big things" we have been treated to a clinic on entropy; a lot of "big words" rather than "big things," and very little action

Rep. Elijah Cummings Leads Three-Way Democratic U.S. Senate Primary In Maryland

Cummings has not announced his candidacy, but a WA Post shows that he would lead a three-way primary race by double digits.

Mitch McConnell Demands A Ransom That Obama Will Never Agree To In Debt Ceiling Fight

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is demanding Social Security and Medicare cuts in exchange for his vote to raise the debt ceiling.

GOP Leadership Purge May Continue As Conservative “Ditch Mitch” Voices Grow Louder

Since Boehner's surprise resignation announcement, calls for removing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have intensified.

With Boehner Gone, House Republican Suggests Taking Out Mitch McConnell Next

GOP Congressman Matt Salmon texted Utah Senator Mike Lee a message that said: "Next guy in the crosshairs is probably gonna be McConnell."

Nervous Republicans Worry That Trump Will Give Democrats The White House And Senate

Strategists fear Trump could badly lose a general election campaign, dragging a lot of Republican Senate candidates down with him.

Big News For Democrats As Russ Feingold Leads Sen. Ron Johnson By 8 In GOP Poll

In Wisconsin, the situation has gotten so bad for the Republicans that they actually consider being down by 8 points "good news."

IL Newspaper Crushes Sen. Kirk’s Moderate Reputation By Calling Him A Loud-Mouthed Radical

A local newspaper lashed out at Kirk's extreme rhetoric on the Iran deal, calling him the love child of Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz.

Contrary To McConnell’s Election Promises, GOP Senate Majority Proves To Be Dysfunctional

Just over six months after winning back the Senate, Mitch McConnell's GOP majority is proving to be more dysfunctional than ever.

Boehner and McConnell Balance Their Budget on the Backs of the American People

Republicans are making much of their "balanced" budget but this "work harder for less" budget is not really balanced at all

John Boehner Says We Finally Have a Senate That is Actually Working

Boehner's reaction to Senate dysfunction is to claim a change of leadership in the Senate has given us a Senate that is actually working.

Senate Cafeteria Cook Goes On Strike To Draw Attention To Low Wages

The U.S. government should only award federal contracts to companies that pay American workers a living wage.

Defiant Elizabeth Warren Tells Wall Street If They Want To Fight Her, “Bring It On”

Elizabeth Warren citigroup

Before a packed room in a Manhattan Barnes & Noble bookstore, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) refused to back off her criticism of Wall Street, after some of the big banks hinted that they could withhold campaign funds from Senate Democrats.

US House Is Functional For A Day, Passes Bipartisan Bill, Extends CHIP Funding

In a rare moment of bipartisan cooperation, the US House overwhelmingly passed a Medicare payment overhaul bill on Thursday.

Florida Republican Slayer Rep. Patrick Murphy Launches Bid To Take Rubio’s Senate Seat

Murphy's candidacy gives the Democrats strong odds of winning the Senate seat held by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Even Joe Scarborough Believes Republicans Went Too Far With “Stupid” Iran Letter

During Monday's broadcast of Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough finally relented and said that the "one-two punch" of House Republicans inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak and the sending of a letter to Iran by 47 GOP Senators was a step too far for the party.

Racist Frat Booted From OU Campus Hires Oklahoma City Bomber’s Lawyer To Represent Them

The board for the Oklahoma University chapter of SAE voted on Thursday to hire Attorney Stephen Jones to represent them.

Democrat Russ Feingold Leads Sen. Ron Johnson 50-41 In Potential Wisconsin Senate Rematch

Early polling suggests that if Democrat Russ Feingold decides to mount a comeback Senate bid, Wisconsin will back him all the way.