Senate Passes Farm Bill With No Food Stamp Changes; Battle Looms In the House

A week ago we reported that the U.S. House of Representatives passed a major piece of legislation called the “Farm Bill” that included significant changes to the federal food stamp program. Yesterday the U.S. Senate passed its version of the Farm Bill and, as we predicted last week, it does not contain the House food stamp changes. As a result it is likely that there will be a bitter fight in the weeks ahead as both sides have stated that they are unwilling to compromise. read more

Six House Democrats Call on DOJ to Investigate Texas AG- Greg Abbott’s Dirty Dealings with TEF

So far, Greg Abbott has used his power as Attorney-General of Texas to obstruct the release of documents that would shed light on Governor Rick Perry’s oversight of Texas Enterprise Fund and its mishandling of millions of Texas taxpayer dollars.  However, the demand for answers increases from a variety of sources, including Wendy Davis and the press. Now members of Congress are asking the DOJ to investigate dirty dealings between Rick Perry’s Office and the Fund.   Since Abbott used his power as Attorney-General to conceal what may be illegal and unethical activities by Rick Perry, this does not bode well for Abbott’s quest to replace Perry at the Governor’s Office. read more