Trump Is Refusing To Brief The Senate On Iran Plan

Trump Senate Iran

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said that the Trump administration is refusing to provide a briefing to Senators on their Iran intelligence.

Democrats Could Win The Senate As 5 New Polls Are All Within The Margin Of Error

The Republican freakout will only grow as Fox News released polls of the Senate races in Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana, Tennessee, and Arizona, and each race is within the margin of error.

PFAW Accuse Jeff Sessions of ‘Putting His Extreme Ideology Above the Constitution’

PFAW assert that "the burden was on Senator Sessions today to show that he’s fit to serve as attorney general. He failed miserably."

Opinion: Democrats Are Too Nice When Dealing with Racist Republican Jeff Sessions

Democrats are wasting air time playing Nice Guys and praising Sen Jeff Sessions, which is typical Senate behavior and typical of Democrats, for whom reaching across the aisle is a value.

But those times are gone, and they are dealing with a dangerous racist who has been nominated to be the Attorney General.

Senate Democrats Have The Upper Hand And They Are About To Make Mitch McConnell Pay

Senate Democrats are getting ready to fire up the filibuster and make Mitch McConnell's life miserable, as they are determined to make the Senate Majority Leader pay for trying to bully them into accepting the unpopular Republican agenda.

Petty Republicans Throw An Epic Senate Temper Tantrum Because They Are Mad At Obama

The government funding bill likely has enough votes to pass the Senate, but the problem is that several Republican senators are holding up a vote on the bill unless they get to vote on undoing Obama's immigration executive orders.

Elizabeth Warren Draws Praise From Senate Republicans for Bipartisanship

Elizabeth Warren isn't just a voice for the left in the Senate. Sen. Warren is also being praised by her Republican colleagues for her bipartisan legislative efforts.

Game On: Alison Grimes Launches a Jobs Missile at Mitch McConnell

Alison Lundergan Grimes has launched a missile of the jobs war at struggling Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with a new ad

Will Republican Sen DeMint Apologize For Endangering U.S. Air Safety?

As he continues to hold up the confirmation of Obama's TSA administrator appointee Errol Southers, Jim DeMint should be ashamed that he put politics over Americans’ safety. And not just Americans' safety; there were people from all over the world on that flight. He owes America an apology.

Victory for Democrats and America: HEALTHCARE IS PASSED IN THE SENATE

We have done it. We corralled a dispirited Democratic caucus, fought a rabid right wing media machine, overcame our own ennui, to arrive here. At the beginning of a great moment in American history. Landmark moment. We will all be able to tell our grand kids that we were a part of this. And they won't understand how this great country could have ever let her people suffer and die due to lack of healthcare.

Teabagger Worried that His Prayers for Senator Bryd to Die May Have Backfired

A Waycross, Georgia Teabagger called C-Span yesterday morning, very concerned that the prayers Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) urged all Teabaggers to make that a member of the Democratic caucus would die and/or not show up for the vote may have backfired and instead killed Republican Senator James Inhofe.