US Senate

Adam Schiff Is Running For The Senate

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) announced Thursday morning that he is running for the US Senate seat in California in 2024.

3 days ago

Katie Porter Gets A Jump On Other Democratic Candidates By Announcing 2024 Senate Run

Even though Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has not announced her retirement yet, Rep. Katie Porter launched her campaign for the…

3 weeks ago

Democrats Pounce To Put A Stake Through The Heart Of Trump With Non-MAGA Coalition Offer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Monday that he will reach out to non-MAGA Senate Republicans, but Democrats won't sacrifice…

3 months ago

Democrats Are Optimistic That Nevada Will Deliver The Senate Majority

According to Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) Democrats are optimistic that Nevada will deliver the Senate majority because the remaining votes…

3 months ago

Fetterman Warns That Oz And Trump Are Already Preparing Bogus Lawsuits To Challenge The Senate Election

According to the John Fetterman campaign Oz and Trump already spreading disinformation and setting the stage for bogus lawsuits challenging…

3 months ago

Obama Blows The Roof Off Of The Steel City At Massive Pittsburgh Rally With John Fetterman

A massive crowd of thousands turned up in Pittsburgh to listen to Barack Obama campaign with John Fetterman in the…

3 months ago

GOP Hypocrites Pay The Price As New Woman To Say Herschel Walker Took Her for an Abortion

The "pro-life" party's most in the news candidate is making news again on Wednesday, as yet another woman is set…

3 months ago

Fetterman Warns That Oz And Trump Are Trying To Steal PA US Senate Seat

The Fetterman campaign is warning that Dr. Oz and Donald Trump are planning to defy the will of voters and…

3 months ago

JD Vance Flop In Ohio Causes GOP To Bail On Arizona

Mitch McConnell's powerful super PAC canceled half of its ad buy in Arizona because that money had to be redirected…

5 months ago

Chuck Schumer Says The Senate Will Vote Very Soon On Bipartisan Bill To Lower Insulin Prices

Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the Senate would vote very soon on a bipartisan bill to…

7 months ago

Democrats Lead In Pennsylvania And North Carolina Senate Race As Red Wave Isn’t Forming

The red wave that Republicans try to talk into reality isn't happening in key Senate races.

8 months ago

Dr. Oz Gets His Own Address Wrong On Pennsylvania Candidate Form

Mehmet Oz, the Republican nominee who just moved to the state to run for Senate, got his address wrong on…

8 months ago

Senate Unanimously Sends Bill To Combat Baby Formula Shortage To Biden

The Senate has passed legislation via unanimous consent to combat the baby formula shortage which now goes to President Biden's…

9 months ago

Putin Shut Out As Senate Votes 100-0 To Ban Russian Energy Imports

Every single US Senator voted to ban Russian energy imports and to end Russia's trade status with the US.

10 months ago

Mitch McConnell Was The Problem As Senate Democrats Pass Wave Of Bipartisan Bills

Under Chuck Schumer's leadership, America is seeing that Mitch McConnell was the problem, not the Senate.

11 months ago

Pelosi Turns Up The Heat On The Senate To Pass Infrastructure

The House has been given a new sense of urgency after a rough election night and moving quickly to get…

1 year ago

Fed Up Schumer Suggests Democrats Will Pass Voting Rights Alone

Sen. Chuck Schumer has clearly had enough of GOP voting rights obstruction, so he said Democrats will look at alternative…

1 year ago

Retiring GOP Senator Richard Shelby Refuses to Back Trump Sycophant Mo Brooks for His Seat

When Donald Trump pushed lies about the 2020 election to his followers, he had plenty of help from GOP lawmakers.…

2 years ago

Goodbye Mitch McConnell As Democrats Now Favored To Win Senate

The Cook Political Report for the first time found that Democrats are favored to win the Senate and remove Mitch…

2 years ago

Bad News For Trump and McConnell As Steve Bullock To Run For Senate In Montana

Popular governor and former Democratic presidential candidate, Steve Bullock has decided to run for the US Senate in Montana.

3 years ago

Trump Is Refusing To Brief The Senate On Iran Plan

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said that the Trump administration is refusing to provide a briefing to Senators on their Iran…

4 years ago

Democrats Could Win The Senate As 5 New Polls Are All Within The Margin Of Error

The Republican freakout will only grow as Fox News released polls of the Senate races in Missouri, North Dakota, Indiana,…

4 years ago

U.S. Senator Warren introduces Equifax bill, launches industry probe

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren said on Friday she has begun an investigation into Equifax's massive data breach, and along with…

5 years ago

PFAW Accuse Jeff Sessions of ‘Putting His Extreme Ideology Above the Constitution’

PFAW assert that "the burden was on Senator Sessions today to show that he’s fit to serve as attorney general.…

6 years ago

Opinion: Democrats Are Too Nice When Dealing with Racist Republican Jeff Sessions

Democrats are wasting air time playing Nice Guys and praising Sen Jeff Sessions, which is typical Senate behavior and typical…

6 years ago

Senate Democrats Have The Upper Hand And They Are About To Make Mitch McConnell Pay

Senate Democrats are getting ready to fire up the filibuster and make Mitch McConnell's life miserable, as they are determined…

8 years ago

Petty Republicans Throw An Epic Senate Temper Tantrum Because They Are Mad At Obama

The government funding bill likely has enough votes to pass the Senate, but the problem is that several Republican senators…

8 years ago

Elizabeth Warren Draws Praise From Senate Republicans for Bipartisanship

Elizabeth Warren isn't just a voice for the left in the Senate. Sen. Warren is also being praised by her…

9 years ago

Game On: Alison Grimes Launches a Jobs Missile at Mitch McConnell

Alison Lundergan Grimes has launched a missile of the jobs war at struggling Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with…

9 years ago

Southern Comfort: Why The South Ain’t So ‘Backwards’ Anymore

The south is becoming more and more socially progressive, which is leading to an educated populace that should no longer…

9 years ago

Will Republican Sen DeMint Apologize For Endangering U.S. Air Safety?

As he continues to hold up the confirmation of Obama's TSA administrator appointee Errol Southers, Jim DeMint should be ashamed…

13 years ago

Victory for Democrats and America: HEALTHCARE IS PASSED IN THE SENATE

We have done it. We corralled a dispirited Democratic caucus, fought a rabid right wing media machine, overcame our own…

13 years ago

Teabagger Worried that His Prayers for Senator Bryd to Die May Have Backfired

A Waycross, Georgia Teabagger called C-Span yesterday morning, very concerned that the prayers Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) urged all Teabaggers…

13 years ago