Eric Swalwell Demolishes Ted Cruz For Attacking Big Bird

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacked Big Bird for promoting the safety of the COVID vaccine, and Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)…

1 year ago

Report: In COVID Ravaged Missouri, People are Getting Vaccinated in Disguise So Their Friends and Family Don’t Find Out

After months of creating hesitancy, Republican lawmakers and figures in Conservative media are urging people to get the vaccine. There…

2 years ago

Say What? Mitch McConnell Says He’s “Perplexed” Over Republican Vaccine Hesitancy

COVID-19 was never meant to be partisan issue. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit while Donald Trump was still in office. And…

2 years ago

Biden Leads The G7 In Taking Steps To Improve The World Economy

At the top of the docket for the president was a “Building Back Better” plan for the world. This is…

2 years ago

“I’m Not a Doctor, I’m a Moron” Joe Rogan Walks Back His Controversial Vaccine Comments

COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available for all Americans who would like one. And the country is getting to the…

2 years ago

Steve Bannon Lauds Anti-Vax Protesters Who Shut Down Los Angeles Vaccination Center

Joe Biden has made it his mission to vaccinate 100 million people during his first 100 days in office. One…

2 years ago

Joe Biden Wants to Ramp Up to 1.5 Million Vaccinations Each Day

Joe Biden revealed his COVID-19 plan shortly before taking office. He was hoping that there would be 100 vaccinations in…

2 years ago

NY Times Maggie Haberman Has a Theory as To Why Trump Won’t Get Vaccinated on TV

Now that there are multiple COVID vaccines available, lawmakers want to make sure people are taking the shot. If enough…

2 years ago

Barack Obama Says He Might Get COVID Vaccine on TV to Increase American Confidence

In an amazing feat, multiple medical companies have created an effective COVID-19 vaccine.  While the treatments can eventually eradicate the…

2 years ago

Pfizer CEO Hits Back at the Politicization of Their COVID-19 Vaccine

Tuesday night's debate was one of Donald Trump's last chances to help his flailing campaign for the White House. By…

2 years ago

Trump Comes Unglued At Press Conference And Babbles About Football, As He Lies About Vaccine

Trump came unhinged as he falsely claimed that Democrats are anti-COVID-19 vaccine, then started babbling about football.

2 years ago