Fox’s Will Cain Doubles Down on COVID Disinfo: “Natural Immunity is Better Than Vaccine Immunity”

Wednesday was a big day for vaccine hesitancy promotion on Fox News. In the afternoon, Maria Bartiromo got the former president involved. Donald Trump told Fox Business viewers that booster vaccine shots are only being pushed so medical companies could make more money. And during the evening, host Will Cain doubled down on his COVID misnformation from last night. read more

Nicolle Wallace: If Kids Aren’t In School in the Fall It’s Because of Anti-Vaxxers and Republican Governors

Nicolle Wallace on Deadline: White House

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is reacting much differently than the original version of the disease did. It appears to be much more contagious and children seem to be more seriously affected.

Still, the Republican governors who are making it harder for people to get vaccinated. And people like Ron DeSantis are saying that they are doing it to protect children and allow parents the freedom of choice. During a Thursday segment, Nicolle Wallace noted that these people will be responsible if kids aren’t back in school this fall. read more

Arkansas’ GOP Gov. Hutchinson Admits That Banning Masks in Schools Was a Mistake, Calls Special Session to Reverse Bill

Gov. Asa Hutchinson on CNN's State Of The Union

The Delta variant is raging across the US and especially in Southern states. Many Governors in the South are doubling down on treating COVID as a culture war issue rather than a dangerous pandemic.

Asa Hutchinson is taking a different tack. The Arkansas governor has changed his mind after seeing how the Delta variant affects children differently than the original strain. read more

Fox Host Kurtz Slams Geraldo, Others for Shaming People Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated

An awful lot of Americans have refused to get vaccinated so far. As a result, the pandemic is continuing to grow, especially in areas with large pockets of Republicans.

Fox News, of course, doesn’t want to blame their viewers for their failure to get shots. So instead the network has continued to push hesitancy towards the vaccinated. And plenty of attempts have been made to blame Blacks and Hispanics for the surging caseload. read more

WATCH: Fox’s Kurtz Blasts Critics Blaming His Network for Anti-Vax Stance, Says Low Vaccination Rate is Actually Biden’s Fault

After months of Donald Trump supporters refusing to get vaccinated, Fox News finally started to push their viewers to get their shots. It was kind of a half-hearted effort though.

After Fox & Friends Steve Doocy made an impassioned plea for viewers to get inoculated, co-host Brian Kilmeade was sure to note that they weren’t doctors. read more

Corey Lewandowski: Trump Doesn’t Need to Encourage Supporters to Get Vaccine Because He “Leads by Example”

There are a number of reasons why the Republican response to COVID vaccines have been odd. But nothing has been stranger than Donald Trump‘s reaction. On one hand, the former president wants complete credit for the inoculations development. On the other, he has refused to actively encourage those who follow him to get the shot. read more

WATCH: Senator Dick Durbin Destroys Fox News and “Anti-Vaxx Quacks” Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham

Democratic leaders in every state are focused on getting as many people vaccinated as possible. Unfortunately for them, the issue has been deeply politicized.

Viewers of the Fox News network hear conflicting messages about the COVID vaccine on a nightly basis. Of course, they tell you that only Donald Trump should be given credit for the rapid development of the inoculation. At the same time, though, people should be cautious about getting their shot. read more

Arizona Man Arrested For Attempting to Hijack National Guard Caravan Transporting Vaccines

When Joe Biden was elected to the White House, he promised 100 million vaccine shots in his first 100 days. He has already exceed 100 million shots with more than a month to spare.

Americans who want to get vaccines are getting them in record numbers. But there are still plenty of people, many of them white male Trump supporters, who refuse to take the shot. read more