Trump’s VA Secretary Used Taxpayer Dollars To Take His Wife On A European Vacation

This is part of a pattern of members of the administration – up to and including the president himself – using their positions for their own personal benefit.

Vets Organization Warns Trump Not To Sign GOP Bill That Harms Millions Of Consumers

"Every servicemember and veteran should have the right and responsibility to confront predatory loan practices," American Legion's Denise Rohan said in a statement.

GOP At War With Trump As He Attempts To Use Veterans As Props In Debt Ceiling Vote

While the president complains that members of Congress are turning the debt ceiling debate into "a mess," it is his irresponsible tweets that are turning the simple vote into a political game.

Democrats Fight Back With Legislation To Stop Trump From Deporting Veterans

The Democratic push to protect veterans and non-violent, undocumented immigrants comes as the president puts forward some of the most anti-immigrant policies the country has ever seen.

Things Get Even Worse For Republicans As Veterans Dump Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now losing ground with veterans. They were his only hope, if ever he had one.

President Obama Says It’s Time To Stop Subsidizing Israeli Defense Industry

It's time for Israel to fund its own military and stop killing American jobs with a “special relationship” subsidizing its defense industry.

While Donald Trump Uses Veterans As Pawns, Hillary Clinton Has Actual Plans

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump continues to play political games with our veterans, but Hillary Clinton is offering actual plans to help them.

Donald Trump Wrote Checks to Veterans Groups On The Same Day He Was Pressed On Donations

Trump press conference

It's becoming abundantly clear that Donald Trump only forked over money to veterans groups because the media pressed him on it.

Five More Marijuana Studies Debunk Carly Fiorina’s Ignorant Reefer Madness Mindset

One thing is certain, if Fiorina's knowledge, or lack thereof, of the tremendous medical advances and research verifying the many, many medical benefits of cannabis is anything like her knowledge of running a giant tech business, it is no wonder she is an epic failure.

Self-Proclaimed Champion of Veterans Jeb Bush, Supported Switfboating John Kerry

Jeb Bush said yesterday in response to Donald Trump’s attack on John McCain that all veterans are deserving of respect:

Enough with the slanderous attacks. @SenJohnMcCain and all our veterans – particularly POWs have earned our respect and admiration. read more

Obama Stands Up For Veterans By Vowing To Veto GOP Bill That Cut Benefits For 70,000 Vets

While Congressional Republicans wave the flag with one hand, they are trying to cut benefits for 70,000 veterans with the other. President Obama has vowed to veto the bill, and House Democrats are promising to sustain that veto.

In One Fell Swoop Obama Announces Solar Jobs For 50,000 Veterans and Takes On Climate Change

Since Republicans have relentlessly obstructed jobs programs for America's Veterans, the President took it upon himself to enact the program at American military bases and provide job training for at least 50,000 veterans.

Airman Ordered to Swear a Religious Oath or Get Out of the Air Force

The United States Air Force, itself sworn to "support and defend the Constitution," cannot abide by, support, or defend either the First Amendment or Article VI and rejected an atheist airman's attempt to reenlist to serve and defend his country unless he swears a religious oath.

The Koch Brothers Respond To Getting Busted For Running a Dishonest Ad With Bigger Lies

The Koch brothers had to pull an ad they were running against Rep. Pete Gallego (D-TX) after a television station refused to air it because it was dishonest. The Kochs responded by editing the ad to make it even more dishonest.

Bernie Sanders Smacks Down Marco Rubio For Betraying Veterans On The Senate Floor

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tried to play partisan politics with the VA on the Senate floor, and was hammered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for voting against veterans.

Darrell Issa Has Sleazy Plan to Restore Veterans’ Pensions By Privatizing the Post Office

Issa's proposal informs that there is no bad Republican legislation that any Republican, cannot make worse to satisfy their dirty machinations to privatize the government, and kill Americans' jobs.

John Boehner is Using Veterans As Human Shields in Government Shutdown Fight

With every strategy that he is trying failing, Speaker John Boehner is trying to deflect blame for the government shutdown by using America's veterans as political human shields.

President Obama’s Leadership on Mental Health Goes Largely Unnoticed

This week, the President led an important conference with new initiatives on mental health, but it was overlooked in favor of other news.

Ted Nugent Was Too Cowardly to Serve But He Blames Obama For Veterans’ Suicides

A coward leveled blame on President Obama for the plight of Veterans who survived the perils of war only to give up and end their own lives at home.