Republicans Won’t Fund Roads or Schools But Funded Two Wars to Benefit the Rich

Most Americans do not object to debt when they receive something in return such as road or schools, but a…

9 years ago

GOP Dishonors Veterans’ Sacrifice with Benefit Cuts and Privatized Healthcare Schemes

America promised its veterans to provide health care after their sacrifice and service, and the GOP dishonors them by cutting…

10 years ago

Draft Dodger Romney Misfires On Obama Jab And Insults U.S. Veterans

While attempting to criticize Obama's commitment to the military, Mitt Romney managed to insult every veteran who has bravely served.

10 years ago

Will Obama’s Tax Cut Compromise Wake Up Democrats’ Fighting Spirit?

Republicans were handed a sweetheart deal by President Obama in return for 13 months of unemployment benefits extensions and some…

11 years ago

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