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VP Joe Biden Smacks Down Trump By Telling Him To Grow Up And Be An Adult

VP Joe Biden Smacks Down Trump By Telling Him To Grow Up And Be An Adult

Vice President Joe Biden told Trump to grow up and be an adult. The Vice President also made it clear…

7 years ago

President Obama Thanks Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Her Leadership

"For the last eight years, Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has had my back," the President said in a statement. "This…

8 years ago

The Republican Party’s Fictional Biden Rule Goes Up in Smoke and It’s a BFD

Republicans have been hiding behind a fictional “Biden Rule” to justify their SCOTUS nominee obstruction but today Vice President Joe…

8 years ago

Watch Joe Biden Humiliate Senate Republicans By Explaining Their Job to Them

Watch Vice President Joe Biden as he humiliates Senate Republicans by explaining their job to them.

8 years ago

20 Dead Children Are Not Enough to Keep Republicans from Filibustering

The fact that polls show the vast majority of Americans want stronger gun laws means absolutely nothing to Republicans, because…

11 years ago

Joe Biden Shows why Obama (and America) Still Need Him

The president still needs Joe Biden because has that same sort of everyman charm that Obama has never been able…

12 years ago

Joe Biden Demonstrates How to Defuse the Race Baiting of Fox News

Vice President Joe Biden was on ABC's This Week this morning, and when he was asked if he thought the…

14 years ago