Rush Limbaugh Challenges President Obama to a Debate

ImageToday, on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh challenged President Barack Obama to a debate on his

DNC: Rush Limbaugh is Really Running the Republican Party

ImageDemocrats continue to have a field day with the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh.

Ron Paul: Republicans Shouldn’t Be Terrified of Rush Limbaugh

ImageFinally, a Republican stood up to Rush Limbaugh and that Republican was Rep.

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Both Michael Steele and Barack Obama

ImageAs predicted Rush Limbaugh took the bait that Democrats laid out for him as today he went on th

Michael Steele Calls Rush Limbaugh an Entertainer

ImageThis little nugget may have passed some people by, but after Rush Limbaugh's speech at CPA

Democrats Set the Rush Limbaugh Trap for the GOP

ImageThere is a new strategy afoot in the Democratic Party.

How Barack Obama Defeated Rush Limbaugh

ImageRush Limbaugh gave what he called his first national address to the CPAC conference, and a funny thi

Rush Limbaugh: Obama is frightened of me

ImageRush Limbaugh fired back at Barack Obama today, after Obama told Republicans last week that they nee

Rush Limbaugh Sticks the Knife In Colin Powell’s Back


McCain Robocalls Deliver Obama-Ayers Smear

ImageIgnoring all signs that their negative campaign against Barack Obama is backfiring, John McCain and the Republican Party continue to try to label their opponent as a terrorist by using robocalls in swing states like Virginia, Maine, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. There is also a direct mail piece from the Republican Party in Virginia that links Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden.

Biden: The Economy Is Going To Hell In a Hand Basket

ImageDemocratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden taped an interview with Terry Moran that will air on ABC's Nightline tonight. Biden had some interesting things to say about the tactics being used by the McCain campaign, and the state of the economy.