Virginia Republican Party Attacks Democratic Gov. Candidate For Opposing Slavery

The Virginia Republican Party is taking a cue from Trump by launching an attack on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam for opposing slavery and white supremacy.

Special Election Victory By Democrat Jennifer Wexton Completes GOP Collapse in Virginia

In a battle to determine party control of the VA Senate, Jennifer Wexton (D) coasted to a resounding 53-37 victory over John Whitbeck (R).

Virginia Republican Leader Tries to Incite Assassination Attempt On President Obama

obama frown

At the Virginia Republican retreat, party chairman Pat Mullins tried to incite an assassination attempt against the President of the United States.

You’ll Find Koch Dollars At the Root Of the Calls for Armed Revolution Against Obama

The idea of using violent force to prevent a democratically elected government from operating began when the Koch brothers' funded tea partiers brought signs to rallies.