Democrat Adam Schiff Tells Trump To Stop Treating NATO Like a Protection Racket

"Glad you think it was great, @POTUS. Would have been greater if you didn't treat NATO like protection racket, or allies like deadbeats"

Donald Trump Acts Like a Petulant Child and Refuses to Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand

As J.K. Rowling captioned the moment, 'Mommy was mean to me and I don't wanna hold her hand no more.'

Opinion: Sick Of Russians, John McCain Says Rand Paul “Now Working For Vladimir Putin”

“You are achieving the objectives of Vladimir Putin…trying to dismember this small country. If they object, they are now carrying out the desires and ambitions of Vladimir Putin."

Evan McMullin Poses a Blink Test for Conservatives: Rocky Balboa or Drago

If Putin is Trump’s friend and our press and intelligence community are his enemies, then Trump is not by any measure an American president.

Rachel Maddow Says Helping Trump Become POTUS Was Only The Beginning Of Russia’s Operation

Rachel Maddow Russia

Maddow says there is growing evidence that Moscow's work didn't end on Nov. 8, 2016 – that was only the opening act.

Putin Wants Ladies to Smile More Often on International Women’s Day

Women love to be told to smile by random men, it's part of their freedom marches.

So Donald Trump's best election buddy Russian President Vladimir Putin took International Women's Day to remind men that they should support women so women could do important things, like "smile more often."

Putin’s Puppet Trump Claims President Obama Let Putin Walk All Over Him

"For eight years Russia 'ran over' President Obama, got stronger and stronger, picked-off Crimea and added missiles. Weak!"

Darrell Issa Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Trump-Russia Contacts

Issa said Sessions must recuse himself: "You cannot have somebody, a friend of mine Jeff Sessions, who was on the campaign and who is an appointee."

Trump Fails Again As FBI Denies His Request To Downplay Russian Connections

Donald Trump

"Such a request from the White House is a violation of procedures that limit communications with the FBI on pending investigations."

Damning New Report Reveals Trump Team Communicated With Russia During The Campaign

Trump Russia

The Trump campaign had repeated contacts with the Russian government at a time when Moscow was hacking the U.S. election.

Rand Paul Opposes Russia Probe Because Republicans Shouldn’t Investigate Republicans

Rand Paul

"I just don’t think it’s useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party."

Sean Spicer Claims Trump Acted Decisively on Flynn – 17 Days After Being Told

Spicer claimed that talking about a 17-day delay “assumes a lot of things that aren’t true,” but what it actually involves is a suspension of reality.

Sen. Chris Murphy Says if Michael Flynn Lied ‘He Probably Has to Go’

"If there's evidence that makes it clear that Flynn lied to the Vice President and others...he can't continue to be national security adviser."

Trump Claims He Doesn’t ‘Know Putin’ But He Bragged About Their Relationship in 2013

Donald Trump claimed this morning 'I don't know Putin,' but in 2013, he said proudly, 'I do have a relationship with him.'

Trump’s Amateurish White House Thinks Poland Invaded Belarus

Trump was not the least bit interested in news about Russian incursions into Ukraine, which are anything but the product of overheated White House imaginations.

Mikhail Gorbachev Warns That ‘It Looks as if The World is Preparing for War’

Looking at both Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, Mikhail Gorbachev said, "it all looks as if the world is preparing for war."

Trump Will Talk To Putin This Weekend As He Prepares To Roll Back Russian Sanctions

Trump has been silent on Russia since taking office, but he could be days away from dropping the crippling sanctions President Obama put on the country.

New Poll Shows More Americans Support Women’s March Demonstrators Than Donald Trump

There is very little, if anything, in the data to give the new administration hope that they have the support of the American people.

Senate Committee Approves Trump’s Pro-Russia Secretary of State Pick After Rubio Sells Out

Rubio Tillerson

The Florida senator talked tough during Tillerson's confirmation hearing but eventually sold out and voted in favor of the Putin puppet.

Trump Digs His Hole Deeper By Going On Fox News To Escalate Attacks On John Lewis

Donald Trump Fox and Friends

The president-elect is only making matters worse by continuing to lash out at the civil rights icon.