Trump’s Election Commission Goes Off The Rails Looking At Mandatory Background Checks For Voters

Donald Trump’s election integrity commission held its second meeting on Tuesday, this time in New Hampshire. This was days after vice-chairman Kris Kobach accused New Hampshire voters of voter fraud in an article for the “alt-right” fake news outlet, Breitbart. read more

Desperate Kris Kobach Relies On Logical Leaps To Justify NH Voter Fraud Claim

The Trump Administration’s Election Integrity Commission pounced on a report to falsely accuse New Hampshire voters of “mass voter fraud”.

Under Kobach’s Watch Kansas Tossed 3 Times the Ballots As Other Like-Sized States

Under Trump election commission appointee Kris Kobach’s watch, Kansas through out 3 times as many ballots as other similarly sized states.

Sessions Turns Previously Independent DOJ Into White House Surrogate

Several events, ranging from the House passage of several anti-immigration laws and Jeff Sessions’ partnership with Kris Kobach to suppressing the vote nationwide, mean the Sessions DOJ is just a White House Surrogate. read more

Americans See Voting Rights As Essential To Their Personal Sense of Freedom

When asked by Pew which freedoms they consider essential, 92% of respondents said freedom of speech and 91 identified the right to vote.

Why Americans Who Believe in Free and Fair Elections Should Worry About Kris Kobach

When it comes to vote suppression, Donald Trump and Kris Kobach belong to the same delusional cult. Both have a history of indulging in refuted conspiracy theories about voter fraud. Both extreme in extreme and unconstitutional remedies to imagined problems. Both won elections based on lies. It’s small wonder Trump appointed Kobach to head his Commission on Election Integrity. read more

Opinion: That Moment When a Federal District Court Rules Texas Election Law Is Racist

"Republican lawmakers rushed the voter ID law without the usual committee analysis and debate... to provide an Anglo partisan advantage."

Trump’s Illegal Voting Lie Is Part of Larger Republican Attack On Democracy

There was a good reason Trump admitted being 3-million votes less “popular” than Hillary Clinton; it fostered his other dangerous lie to kill democracy.

Trump Team Goes Full Racist in Defense of AG Nominee Jeff Sessions

To taint Cory Booker's testimony, Trump’s team presented the committee with a story accusing “black Democrats” of voter fraud.

Standing Up to Donald Trump’s Vote Suppressing Thugs

Vote suppression is synonymous with a Republican Party that has put more energy into that effort than in developing policy to benefit people, or even a get out the vote effort.

Republican Election Officials Fight Trump’s “Dangerous” Rigged Election Rhetoric

“It’s going to create a disturbance and, played out in polling places across the country, it has the potential to destabilize the election which is very, very dangerous."

Targeted By Police For Being Black Registered Voters In a GOP State

"People just do not understand why a sheriff is coming to their house to bring them a subpoena if they haven’t committed any crime."

Appeals Court Strikes Down North Carolina Vote Suppression Law

"North Carolina’s provisions deliberately target African Americans with...surgical depress Black turnout at the polls."

Kansas Republicans Waste Taxpayer Money To Fly For Pleasure, Religion and Destroy Democracy

While Republicans slash education, transportation, and social services, Republicans use a taxpayer-funded aircraft for personal pleasure.

Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A.

By a vote of 6-3 The Supreme Court is allowing Texas' draconian voter ID law to be enforced for this year's election.

Victory for Democracy as Wisconsin and Texas Voter ID Laws Come Tumbling Down

Democracy called checkmate against Scott Walker's attempt to rig Wisconsin's vote, while a Federal Court slapped down Greg Abbott's attempt to suppress votes in Texas.

Republican Candidate for A-G of Arkansas Kicked Off Voter Rolls For Registering in Multiple States

As of Tuesday, the Republican candidate for Attorney-General in Arkansas is no longer a registered Arkansas voter. It turns out that Leslie Rutledge registered to vote in Arkansas, DC and possibly Virginia.  Of course, Rutledge claims the Democrats did it’.  They’re targetting her! Republicans are being persecuted! read more

Fourth Circuit Restores Early Voting and Out of Precinct Voting in North Carolina

In a 2-1 decision, the Federal Appeals Court for the Fourth Circuit granted a temporary injunction to restore same day registration and out of precinct voting in North Carolina.

NC Republicans Fight Subpoena of Voter ID Emails Saying Accountability is a “Burden”

Republicans in North Carolina are trying to quash a subpoena for emails regarding the "rationale, purpose and implementation" of House Bill 589, aka the most egregious vote suppression law in the country.

Texas Voter ID Law Prevents Women from Voting while Married

If you're a woman in Texas, getting married or divorced could cost you your vote, especially if you drive too.